Little Explorers play with ice -Malta

Miriam Schembri 2007-02-08

After seeing the Snow and Snowman of our Little Explorer friends from Europe we decide to explore ICE. We fill balloons with water. We put them in the freezer to freeze.
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We take the balloons out of the freezer after we sleep for one night and come back to school. We feel the balloons. They are oh so cold Brrrr…. We peel the balloons. We are very careful because ice can burn our hands. We compare sizes and sort the six ice balls. We build a snowman by placing three ice balls one on top of the other and sticking each with salt. We then wrap an ice ball in newspaper and another in cloth. We cover an ice ball with sawdust. We put another ice ball in a plastic bag. We cover another ice ball with salt. We pour cold water over another ice ball. And we pour hot water over the last ice ball. And we observe what happens.

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-> After one hour the ice which we cover with hot water is melted.
->After two hours the ice ball covered in salt is melted.
-> After three hours the ice balls in cold water and in the plastic bag are beginning to melt.
-> After four hours the ice balls covered with newspaper and cloth are still not melted.
-> After .....