SLOVENIA: National Day (Republic Day) /25 June

Halina Bednarz 2007-07-03

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INDEPENDENT SLOVENIA On the 26th of December 1990 88,5% of all Slovene voters decided to become an independent state. The Slovene Parliament was still passing laws in the spring of the same year. However, Slovene independence was not in favour internationally. In spite of many obstacles, Slovene independence was promulgated on June 25th in 1991. This resulted in a war between Slovenia and Yugoslavia that ended after 10 days with a truce. After that Slovenia was independent and ratified by other countries and in 1992 it was accepted into the UN. In 2004 Slovenia became a member of the European Union. The current president is Janez Drnovšek and the current prime minister is Janez Janša....

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Authors-students: Andrej Brodej, Tilen Tomše, David Kadilnik, Nina Šimanovič in Ana Pevec