JAPAN: 50th anniversary of the EU in Keio Girls High School - 慶應義塾女子高等学校

Joanna Mika-Hadelka, Hideyuki Baba 2008-04-30

Image:Keio Girls High School

On 9 May 2007 European ambassadors and many other diplomats visited Japanese schools in the Tokyo Metropolitan area.

One of them participating in the celebrations was Keio Girls High School.

Image:Keio Girls High School

Its students and teachers were be able to attend a presentation about the 50 years of European integration.

During the meeting at school the guests from Europe talked about their countries and their membership in the EU.

They also distributed several publications about the EU.

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Before visiting the schools, ambassadors and diplomats held a press conference in the morning of 9 May, in which the Japanese minister of education Mr Ibuki was also invited to take part.

Joanna Mika-Hadelka,
Hideyuki Baba, Keio Girls High School