POLAND: Parade in Swietochlowice

Joanna Mika-Hadelka 2008-06-24

Image:Dariusz Zerdzinski

14th of June was a great opportunity for all students and teachers coming from all primary and secondary schools in Swietochlowice to present themselves during the annual parade in Swietochlowice.

Image:Dariusz Zerdzinski

Among others there were local entrepreneurs, members of different regional institutions and children in their traditional dresses.

A Silesian group of collectors of precious old automobiles and a group dressed as soldiers from the past century also participated in the event.

Image:Dariusz Zerdzinski

In the multicolored crowed of people the youngest members of our society from the town‘s kindergartens proudly marched along Katowicka Street together with their older colleagues.

The youngest children especially liked a mysterious machine producing soap bubbles.

more: http://www.zsei.info/photo/paradazsei/index.html 

Youtube: http://pl.youtube.com/watch?v=J3ETX_j1LjA

Photo album and films by Dariusz Zerdzinski