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Tenant ownership organisation, sports association, culture association or non-profit organization?

Any society or association you may be, Textalk WebNews is the perfect tool to create member bulletins on the web. No more costly paper distributions and you can always give your members the latest news.

Thanks to multi-user support you can easily divide different responsibilities in the newspaper. With the calendar function and discussion forums, members can stay up-to-date and continuously take part in the association's work

Welcome to explore Textalk WebNews

Special offer for associations 3.000 SEK/year
  • Web hosting included.
  • Easy web address included, webnews.textalk.com/association_name
  • Own domain can be used

  •   p.gif, 43B   30 days FREE trial

    Some association newspapers

    Göteborgs Brf. nr 3
    Member bulletin for tenant ownership organisation.

    Brf Lilla Le
    Member bulletin for tenant ownership organisation.

    Visby IBK 2004/2005
    Member bulletin for sports association.

    Undependent forum for democracy activists

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