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Your company newspaper on the web

Whether you produce periodicals, daily newspapers, staff or client magazines - Textalk WebNews is the perfect tool to create your newspaper on the web. Textalk WebNews lets you keep your staff and clients updated in a very cost-efficient way.

Multi-user support
Specify individual "jurisdictions" for each editor when the newspaper involves several editorial members.

Mobile editorial staff via MMS
Textalk WebNews for companies includes the function Articles via MMS. With a regular cellular phone (MMS support required) the editorial staff can write and publish articles in the newspaper from their phone.

Install on your ows server or rent web hosting
Choose if you want to install Textalk WebNews on your own server, or rent webspace on our high quality web hosting solutions.

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Some company newspapers

Dagens Hälsa
Nyheter om naturläkemedel, kosttilskott, näringsmedel, egenvård med mera.

Ständigt uppdaterade branschnyheter om livsmedel

Svensk Leverantörstidning

Samhall i Fokus
Tidning för anställda inom Samhall AB

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