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medallion.gif, 746B Textalk utlyser pris på 1 000 kr till Sveriges bästa skoltidningar
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School newspapers around the world

This program lets you create school newspapers where one or more editors effortlessly can publish materials without delay. In no time at all, you will have mastered this tool, which allows you to focus on the most important aspect of publishing: editorial content.

Success for school IT-project
Swedish-education do not necessary means grammar and school essays. Read more about Linköping's school newspaper project. (In Swedish)
Read the article published in Östgöta Correspondenten 21/12 2001 (pdf)

School newspaper became the key to the students enthusiasm
Students in Linköping reached higher results in national exams in Swedish, as a result of starting a web newspaper. (In Swedish)
Read the report about Textalk WebNews in Kollegiet

Niilo started a school web newspaper
Niilo Alhovaara, educationalist on Tunaskolan in Luleå Sweden, made reallity of plans he had for a long time - a school web newspaper. The newspaper Tunabladet has exists for a couple of years now, and nobody can imagine school everyday life without it. This spring the newspaper was awarded Skandia's Spira school award. (In Swedish)
Read the article

Special price for schools 3.000 SEK/year
  • Web hosting included.
  • Easy web address included, webnews.textalk.com/skolans_namn
  • Own domain name can be used

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    30 days FREE trial

    Some school newspapers

    The award-winning newspaper from Luleå, Sweden

    Newspaper fron the students in Rosenfeldtsskolan

    Gives your everyday life a fresh spin!

    Newspaper fron the students in Tallbodaskolan

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