Commentaires sur les présentations multiculturelles

Christian Therrien 2018-07-27

J’ai beaucoup apprécié. J’ai trouvé cela très cela très varié par de le coté festif, la vision politique et engagée. Il y avait une belle cohésion de groupe. Cela illustre bien la richesse et la variété culturelle de cette rencontre.

Chloé, France

Des super soirées très intéressantes. On apprend des choses… Par exemple, l’interview du politicien autrichien ou les allemands qui ont osé le pédagogique… J’ai beaucoup aimé. Celle qui m’a le plus marqué est sans doute la présentation mexicaine pour sa force politique.

Agnès, France

It was a little politic, but in different ways. Some were kind of funny, others were difficult to understand, but then you could feel for the people and the country. Because of those presentations, people feel more together and get to meet each other more easily. You can feel the culture from the people

Philip Germany.

I can learn something new about other country like what is going on in Mexico. I had never heard about their situation. I am close from Japan, but I knew nothing about their dance. I learned a lot.

Harim, S. Korea

Really nice! The depth of the presentation was very interesting. There should be a time limit though because some important things can be said at the end of the presentation but when it’s too long people stop listening. You should find the core of the message and take no more than 10 minutes.

I loved the japanese and bulgarian presentation that gave a good idea of their culture. You don’t necessarily have to make a deep or political message. Just showing your culture is also nice.

Suzanne Kiltman, Sweeden

I am impressed of all the presentations. Every group from every country presented something special from their country. I need everybody to help me and I need also to give.

Irena Mladenova, Bulgaria

The people were doing their best to make the best out of it. They gave a feeling of what was going on in their country and that I liked very much. Even looking and listening to the presentations, I had big emotions. Sometimes I found it very hard. Maybe we should choose a lighter presentation at the end, something positive to finish the evening. For all the countries that made presentations, my congratulations. Muy muy bien…

Elsie de Ridder, Belgium

One of the greatest things about RIDEF is the fact that someone gets to know many teachers from different countries but also gets in contact with their cultures. Cultural contact does not necessarily means that only folkloric elements would be included but also they are not excluded. People demonstrate signs of beliefs, life within their community even political ideas. Freinet movements in Brasil, Spain, Mexico, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Greece, Italy, France, Japan, Canada, Poland, Austria, as well as in African countries like Benin , Maroc, Togo, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Cote d Ivoire exposed folk elements of their culture but also showed preoccupations concerning politics society environment pedagogy and future of humanity. At the end of the day things that unite people are more than things that separate them. This is something that people in RIDEF understand well. Let’s carry on the hard work.



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