A little story about mooses

Ricardo 2018-07-25

A story that can only be read in English by Ricardo

The organizers of the tour said we had to bring lunch and water because we were into the woods. They checked the listings, almost everybody on the bus, ready to meet the mooses. The guide said she hadn't been there, but the driver knew the route fine. 

So the tour guide asked: Do we have coffee, Erick?-- and everyone cheered. --Whoa! We love coffee!
"No, no", said the tour guide. I'm asking if "Kofi, Eric" is on the bus. 
"Boo!", we said. 
And Kofi Eric never showed up.

P.S. we had a beautiful swedish fika with plenty of coffee later.

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By Tatjana

It takes me to the forest.

Underneath some little trees grow

and I know why they grow now:

So they can become tall and strong as the others.

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