Lars Lindström

Ricardo 2018-07-26

Passed away January 31st 2018

Psychologist and teacher


Lars Lindström started the Freinet movement in Sweden. He was a true humanist!
Back in 1976 he became a psychologist and worked for some years with the treatment of alcoholics.

After some years he worked as a researcher at the Teachers School of Art. As both his parents were teachers Lars at last (even if he said that he never wanted to be one) started as a teacher in aesthetic subjects and in 2008 he became professor in Pedagogy at Stockholm university.
In 2010 he was awarded the very important Edwin Ziegfeld Award for his research in pedagogy of pictures. Through his whole life he worked in the spirit of Freinet even if he was more a theorist than the practitioner the way Freinet taught us.

With the death of Lars Lindström the Swedish Freinet Movement loses a great person and someone who understood the deepest meaning of Freinet pedagogy.

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By Tatjana

It takes me to the forest.

Underneath some little trees grow

and I know why they grow now:

So they can become tall and strong as the others.

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