Skasiarheio ! Greek Freinet movement

Yannis Foteinos 2018-07-28

Greek Freinet team Skasiarheio was created informally in Athens in 2014 by teachers, intellectuals and other members of the academic community in Greece. In 2016 with the help of Icem members OLivier Francomme and Denis Morin teachers ´training in Freinet´s techniques took place at the French Institute of Athens as well as at the University of Peloponese in Corinth. Ever since the Freinet movement in Greece has increased and has acquired a lot of new members. During the academic years 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 a pilot program related to Freinet´s techniques Training of teachers who work in public schools was undertaken by the Greek ministry of Education and Skasiarheio. Many teachers express more and more their desire to adopt these techniques and escape from the pressure of traditional teaching. Today Facebook page of Skasiarheio is followed by 2500 people! Skasiarheio has taken part in the last 3 Ridefs. Finally at the Ridef 2018 it was announced that from now on it is an official member of Fimem. For further information for the Greek Freinet movement please visit although it may seems .....all Greek. Let’s not forget neither that Skasiarheio is the Greek translation of the title of the famous 1949 movie ECOLE BUISSONIERE.......

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By Tatjana

It takes me to the forest.

Underneath some little trees grow

and I know why they grow now:

So they can become tall and strong as the others.

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