Vasa in the Chez Republic

Resul Majidov 2009-11-05

Vasaelever i Tjeckien
Vasaelever i Tjeckien

Sp2j's unforgettable trip to Czech Republic

Everyone experienced the trip in different ways, some found it quite wonderful second thought it was less fun. So therefore I thought write down some of my classmate's experiences in this beautiful country.
So therefore I thought write down some of my classmate's experiences in this beautiful country.

"Nice people, over all.
The trip to Kutnahora was great, interesting sights. There were a lot of beautiful buildings, different but tasty food. Everything was cheap. The toilets had no locks. Not enough time in Prague, and bad English skills. Last but not least great beer"

It was one of four-five reviews so I will continue write down some interesting reviews.
Next one is from unknown sender but it is pretty fun.
"This trip to Czech Republic was a very fun and interesting experience. We did a lot of things that I'll never forget in my life! We had so much fun but I have to admit that sometimes I got really annoyed. But after a while we forgot about it when we saw the beautiful surrounding."

Next review it quite similar as another two, but they had wrote more about Czech society.

"Blue Star was great, cheap beer, exhausting trips, and generous hosts. Unnecessary/different habits, for example not drinking during dinner, no locks for toilets, drinking beer to meals...
Old fashioned school-system, bad English. Different treating depending on your age. Typical east-country fashion, like they bought everything from a market"

"We liked the beer and the great hospitality. We loved the azure-blue skies, open landscape and the country was blessed from bullies with hidden identities.
The narrow streets of Prague were magical, they took us to another place, like the wardrobe to Narnia"
Overall Czech Republic was like Saturnus and we were just one of it's circulating moons.

Text: Resul Majidov
Foto: Britta Larson Bergstedt