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Renate Thiel 2018-07-24

This is Kati Nordman from Finland
Image:Renate Thiel
This is Kati Nordman from Finland

Kati Nordman the principal of the only private Freinet school in Finland has to do a lot of writing and organizing. Parents started initiating this children based school in the middle of their village Rauma during the 19eighties. In the year 2000 they got the acceptance from the school administration. They have their own school building with kitchen and housekeeper. Like in all the other Finnish schools parents don’t have to pay for it. 110 pupils are learning there six year long with 6 Freinet teachers. There is a lot of cooperation between children, classes, parents and surrounding society. Children are involved with the planing. You can find more information about the Freinet school of Rauma on Facebook.

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By Tatjana

It takes me to the forest.

Underneath some little trees grow

and I know why they grow now:

So they can become tall and strong as the others.

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