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Professional web newspaper in no time

Textalk WebNews is a system for Internet based newspapers. The principle is easy - In no time at all you can create your own web newspaper on-line. Textalk WebNews is a very poweful tool. Your newspaper will hold the same high quality as any professional newspaper on the web.

Textalk WebNews features

  • Publish an unlimited number of articles
  • Illustrate your articles with images
  • Group articles in different sections
  • You can choose size, colors and logo so that your newspaper fits your actual graphical profile.
  • Powerful search within published and archived articles.
  • First page articles can be presented as top news, trailers and headline presentations
  • Webnews is manageable and user-friendly without compromising its functionality. The tool is always available over the Internet.
  • Newspaper can be edited by several collaborators. The collaborators can be equipped with different permissions to edit and publish within your newspaper.
  • Archive
  • The reader can send letter to the editor (with own image), tip the newspaper about any event or a friend about interesting article, take part in a poll etc.


Screenshot from Textalk WebNews article editor - Click for larger image
Screenshot from Textalk WebNews article editor. Click for larger image

Download user guide (pdf)

Download product sheet (pdf)

Versions & Prices

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