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Flowers for Europe

M_K_I 2004-06-12

Welcome to look at various arrangements which meant to represent particular countries and were made of natural and artificial flowers by the students of a Gardening School in Mokrzeszow / Poland, under the supervision of the school teachers. Go to website -> http://www.glogow.pl/iearn_gallery/thumbnails.php?album=16 

Cyprus - this island was believed to belong to the goddess Aphrodite whose symbols were roses emerging from ocean foam.

The Czech Republic - since the country is famous for beer production, the arrangement was placed inside a beer glass. The tricolour motif represents the colours from the flag.

Estonia - as it is largely a forested, marshy, boggy country, hence the grass decor and the adder lurching in the foreground.

Lithuania - has usually been associated with amber, a stone most dominant in the flower arrangement.

Latvia - the boat-shaped basket forming the base along with the net design emphasise the prevailing aspect of the country's economy - fishery.

Malta - Maltese cross made out of dyed flax.

Poland - the bicolour national flag was portrayed using red poppies and white anemones.

Slovakia - the national emblem was bunched up from dried flowers.

Slovenia - the bouquet was done from carnations bearing the country's flag colours.

Hungary - as many associate this country with exquisite, but hot cuisine, the choice of hot peppers seems fully justified.

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