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eFestival of Science

M_K_I 2006-11-11

Welcome to our new project 'eFestival of Science' eFestival of Science http://eu.cyberdusk.pl/science    Multimedia: http://www.eu.cyberdusk.pl/astronomy/    

eFestival of Science


- Panagiotis Dimisianos (4th Lykeion of Corfu)
- Halina Bednarz (Zespół Szkół Zawodowych nr 5/Wrocław)

Main focus of that project:

- Science Festival reports
- digital resources of lectures and experiments at science institutes
- common discovering and observing the astronomical phenomenas (and here the sun photos)
- exchanging digital resources, lessons planes in science subjects, preparing cross-school science festivals (2007 year)
- visiting museums (like Nature) and preparing digital resources: photos and movies for lessons (cross countries exchange)

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