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Spring Day in Europe

M_K_I 2006-12-10

Spring Day in Europe
Spring Day in Europe

Spring Day in Europe 2006: 'Debate the future' http://www.springday2006.org SD/Poland Patronage: MEP Grażyna Staniszewska, prof. Jan Miodek .................................................................... REPORT http://mediablog.mail2web.com/radio_spring_pl/media/folder/thumbnail.html?id=21658 .................................................................... National websites: http://spring.m-szkola.net [competition] http://eu.m-szkola.net/sd2006 [press room] http://www.glogow.pl/iearn_gallery/index.php?cat=22 [SD RADIO podcast] http://mediablog.mail2web.com/radio_spring_pl/ “EP for youngster - Spring Day 2006 in Poland” project coordinated by Interklasa European Parliament for youngster European competitions: 1. [Poland-England] 'Earth - the people's planet' http://eu.m-szkola.net/sd2006 sponsor: Young Digital Poland /submitted 300 works, online Festival/ April [organizers: Poland-England/ pedagogical advisors H. Bednarz/PL and Karl Donert/EN] 2. 'Child Rights in Images'  under honorable patronage of President of town Głogów http://www.glogow.pl/pp5 [organizer: Preschool no 5 in Glogow] Polish competitions: 1. 'European Cathedrals' - [organizer: Europe Direct Bydgoszcz] http://www.wsg.byd.pl/album/thumbnails.php?album=161 /166 artworks from 40 cities/ Final of competition on 24 April in Bydgoszcz/ 2. 'Awards for activities' - 'Local Heroes'/'Dialogue with the World' - [organizer: Interklasa http://www.interklasa.pl] Regional competitions: *Region Silesia (Śląsk) - [organizer: Europe Direct Katowice] http://www.europe-direct.katowice.pl/ 1. 'Design dress for Polish Syrius' Patronage of MEP prof. Genowefa Grabowska 2. 'The bests photo-reportage of SD events at schools' Award: trip to Brussels, Final of competitions on SD conference 23 May in Katowice *Region Warmia i Mazury - [organizer: Europe Direct Olsztyn] http:// www.europe-direct.olsztyn.pl 1. "I and my rights in European Union" award: digital CD players supported by EU funds /April *Region kujawsko-pomorskie - [organizer: Europe Direct Bydgoszcz] http://www.europe_direct_bydgoszcz.byd.pl 1. "Competions about European Union" 7 April in Bydgoszcz and other.. Spring Day Song 2006 http://www.glogow.pl/iearn_gallery/thumbnails.php?album=57&;page=2  International Spring Day Song prepared by children and teachers from Poland, Belgium and France: MPI De Mast - Kasterlee/ Belgium, Ecole Maternelle Paul Bert - Troyes/ France, Ecole Maternelle des Cumines - Troyes/ France, Przedszkole Miejskie Nr 214 - Łódż/ Poland Online Festival 'Earth - the people's planet' http://www.glogow.pl/iearn_gallery/thumbnails.php?album=86  with voting MAJOR EVENTS: 9 May /12.00/ Festival "Happy Flowers for Happy World of My Dreams" * BYTOM: In the Center of the Town Students of Youth Cultural Center in cooperation with Bytom Promotion Office prepared festival program which was performed in the center of the town on 9 May. Festival included: - peace flowers - made together with citizens 'passing by': 500 flowers - dances - perfomance of interschool theatre team 'Gwenderllech' * Festivals at schools: decorating schools with posters, sending e-cards over the world 'Peace e-flowers', etc. Photo service for self-uploading pictures by schools (moderated) http://www.glogow.pl/iearn_gallery/thumbnails.php?album=82 *OPENING CEREMONY 7 April - Bydgoszcz, [Europe Direct, Youth European Parliament] TITLE *Educational perspectives and development in European Union* Europe Direct Bydgoszcz - Date 7 April - Place Bydgoszcz, High School - Participants: Youth European Parliament, students of secondary and high schools - Participating personalities: specialists from central EU institutions in Warsaw - Topics: *Europass; program Socrates, Youth, * competition about EU * European culture and tradition - Press coverage: poster, leaflets, TV program/report Poster: http://m-szkola.net/maitri/spring_day_in_europe.JPG    *CLOSING CEREMONY 23 May - Katowice, [Europe Direct] TITLE *Debate out future* Spring Day in Europe/Poland - Closing Ceremony organizer: Europe Direct Katowice in cooperation with Info Point [advertisement during all Polish Educational Conference in March, supporting schools in district województwo śląskie] - Date:  April / 23 May - Place: Katowice, Silesia Library /r. Parnasos/ - Participants: 150 students of secondary and high schools, guests  - Participating personalities: MEPs Genowefa Grabowska, Małgorzata Handzlik - Topics: *'Design the EU mascot - Polish Syrius' - competition *'The best SD photo reportage' - competition 'Debate the future' - lecture prof. Genowefa Grabowska; seminary * Summary of SD events in Silesia and all over Poland - Contents of debates, topics and issues identified: April: * online competition 'Design dress for Polish Syrius' http://www.europe-direct.katowice.pl/ * competition: schools' photo reportage 23 May * Regional Conference with 150 students, MEPs and other guests - summary of SD regional activities and awards for the best school report of Spring Day 2006 /district Silesia/ ............................................................................... EVENTS: EUROPE DIRECT IN POLAND: 1. *School of Peace* organizer: Europe Direct Ostrołęka - Date s 16 March / 21 March / 22 March - Place: Ostrołęka / Maków Maz. - Participants: Interschool European Club; students and teachers of High and Secondary schools 16.03. /Ostrołęka: students of ZSZ no 4 and members of Interschool European Club 21.03. /Ostrołęka: students and teachers, participants of International Project 'School of Peace', invited guests 22.03. /Maków Maz.: students of Primary School nr 2 and their families, teachers - Participating personalities: 21.03 - Ryszard Załuska - president of town Ostrołęka; - Topics: 'Our Europe'; 'European Values'; Presenting Youth program project 'Dance against the envil' - Contents of debates, topics peace workshops: declaration, peace flowers; peace marsh across the town, opening of exibition about Finland, performance 'Dance against the envil' in Culture Center in the town and issues identified: *future is being shaped by people, on the way of personal contacts, students wrote short essays 'Future of Europe' * student composed and signed own peace declaration * students prepared wonderful performance about "European Union '25" * students travelled across all European countries together with multimedial presentation prepared by Europe Direct Online report: http://www.europe-direct.ostroleka.pl/index.php?id=11 Photos: http://www.glogow.pl/iearn_gallery/displayimage.php?album=60&;pos=2 2. *Youth Debates - citizenship of European Union* organizer: Europe Direct Płock 'Spring Day in Europe - European week': participated 800 students Date: 21 March - Place: Płock, im. Pawła Włodkowica w Płocku, Al. Kilińskiego 12, 09-402 Płock, Budynek G, sala 12 - Participants: 150 students of secondary/high schools in Płock - Topics: 'Youth Debate - citizenship of European Union' - press coverage: Sygnały Płockie nr 6, 15 marca 2006, Tygodnik Płocki, online: http://www.europe_direct.plock.wlodkowic.pl/bi_sdiE06.htm photos: http://www.glogow.pl/iearn_gallery/displayimage.php?album=60&;pos=0 'Spring Day in Europe - European week' - Dates: 21 March / 22 March / 23 March / 24 March - Place: Płock, Secondary School no 5 - Participants: 800 students of secondary/high schools in Płock - Topics: 'Youth Debate - citizenship of European Union' - Contents of debates, topics and issues identified: *21 March: 'Debate the Future', competition 'European scientists for tomorrow'; *22 March: Shakespeare Theatre performance, 'Guest of that day' - Vito Cassetti and journey to Italy, concert of European songs, *23 March: 'Welcome to European Union countries' - presentation; competition 'Post stamps about EU' *24 March: Language show - tales in English, French and German. 3. *Education and work in EU* organizer: Europe Direct Zamość - Dates: 21 March / 23 March / 24 March - Place: Zamość, aula Collegium Novum at University - Participants: students of secondary and high schools, - Topics: 21 March: * 11.00 - 'Media in European Education' - lecture and discussion leading by director of local TV; 170 participants * 12.30 - 'Work in EU' - lecture, discussion and competition leading by experts from ED; 140 participants - Contents of debates, topics and issues identified: For school requests, Europe Direct is organizing lectures and debates for students between 21 March and 9 May. So far took place following debates: 21 March: in Gimnasium no 7 in Zamość - 'Youth in EU' 23 March: in CIE ED office - 'Work in Europe - professions of future' 24 March: : in CIE ED office ' - 'Educational systems in EU countries' 4. *Debate the Future* organizer: Europe Direct Lublin - Date 15/17/28 March; 12 April - Place Lublin - Participants: Students of High and Secondary schools - Topics: 'Debate the Future' - lectures, discussions; 'European Union in the past and now' 'Youth in European Union' 'Human Rights' 5. *EuroDebate * organizer: Europe Direct Bielsko-Biala - Dates 4 March/ 9 March/ 21 March/ 30 March - Place Bielsko-Biala - Participants: MEP Małgorzata Handzlik, students of High and Secondary schools Topics: *4 March 'Future of Europe/economy' Eurodebate with MEP *9 March: 'Poland in European Union' - lectures and workshops for teachers *21 March: - Eurodebate' at school *30 March: 'Unification of European monetary system', 'EU budget', 'Education in EU' - debate at school 6 *European Culture - the place of cathedral in European culture' * organizer: Europe Direct Bydgoszcz - Date 24 April - Place Bydgoszcz, ul. Garbary 2 - Participants: students and teachers of High, Secondary and Primary schools - Topics * 'Cathedrals of Europe' - final of SD Polish art competition /166 works from 40 cities/, exibition of works * 'European Culture: the place of cathedral in European culture' - lectures, movies, seminary * 'Value of High education' - seminary 7. *I am European* organizer: Europe Direct Warmia i Mazury/Olsztyn - Date 21 March - Place Dobrzyki - Participants: students and teachers of High, Secondary and Primary schools - Topics *'History of EU' - lecture, competition *'I am European - my rights in EU' - regional competition 8. Europe Direct Słupsk Place: Słupsk Date: 8 May Title: Conference about project RPO of region pomorskie Participants: prof. Jacek Szlachta - vice-marschal, representative of Town Office in Gdansk and Slupsk Place:Słupsk, Primary School nr 8 in Slupsk Date: 9 May Title: educational/cultural event 'From Europe to...' Participants: 700 persons Program: European Lesson for students /meeting with teachers and parents / preparing a information center with posters, leaflets, quizzes /organization of competition /sponsoring Place: region mazowieckie - Warsaw Date: 9 May Title: Europe Day under the patronage of president Aleksander Kwasniewski Program: sponsoring awards in school competition 'Poland in European Union' *Place: Słupsk, High School in Pultusk and II Liceum Date: 18-19 March Title: IV Competition about European Union *Place: Szczecin, University and II Liceum Date: 25-26 March Title: X Competition about European Union *Place: Słupsk, Liceum nr 1 Date: 12 April Title: European Lessons - European institutions and integration *Place: Słupsk, Liceum Date: 12 April Title: 'Europe - community of friendship' *Place: Słupsk, Liceum Date: 12 April Title: III Regional Competition about European Union - first level *Place: Słupsk, Liceum Date: 21 April Title: III Regional Competition about European Union - second level Organization of Competition, sponsoring awards 9. Europe Direct Kraków *Place: Tarnów - IV Liceum and Gimnasium nr 10 Date: 9 May Title: European Festival *Place: Celiny: / Szkoła Podstawowa im. Sw. Jana Bosko w Celinach; Date: 8 May Title: I Local competition about European Union *Place: Jankowice, at Secondary School Date: 9 May Title: Europe Day *Place: Chrzanów, Liabrary in Chrzanów Date: 9 May Title: Europe Day *Place: Rybna, Gimnasium in Rybna Date: 9 May Title: Competition about European Union *Place: Kraków, University Date: 9 May Title: European Day *Place: Tymbark: Liceum in Tymbark Date: 25 April Title: Spring Day in Europe *Place: Kraków and: Budejovice, Koszyce, Pecs, Maribor Zgorzelec, Berlin Date: 29 April Title: 'Train Europe 2006 - now is your turn!'  Deutsche Gesellschaft für Auswärtige Politik e.V, ========================= OTHER EVENTS ACROSS POLAND 10 TITLE *International Spring Day Song* - radio program - Date 21 March - Place: Radio Łódź S.A. - Participants children of Preschool no 214 in Łódź - Participating personalities - Topics 'Friendship in Europe' - Contents of debates, topics and issues identified: performance of international 'Spring Day Song' prepared by children from Poland, France and Belgium, show of European poems and songs - Press coverage (to be sent): record from radio online report: http://www.glogow.pl/iearn_gallery/thumbnails.php?album=57   11 TITLE *Eurodebate - Poland in European Union* - Date: 7 April - Place: Cieszyn, Culture Center in Cieszyn - Participants: students and teachers of Secondary School no 1 - Participating personalities: MEP dr Jan Olbrycht TITLE *Realization of the Convention on the Rights of the Child in Poland and EU* - Date: 20 March/21 March - Place: Preschool no 12 in Głogów / Primary school - Participants: Teachers of schools in Głogów / teachers and students of Primary School - Participating personalities: professor Bibiana Mossakowska, the Knight of the Order of Smile - Topics 'Convention on the Rights of the Child' - Contents of debates, topics and issues identified online: http://www.glogow.pl/iearn_gallery/displayimage.php?album=60&;pid=805&slideshow=5000   ------------------------------------------------------------ MEPs taking part in SD2006: Grażyna Staniszewska, Bronisław Geremek, Janusz Onyszkiewicz, Genowefa Grabowska, Małgorzata Handzlik, Marek Czarnecki, Jan Olbrycht, Czesław Siekierski, Lidia Geringer de Oedenberg, Konrad Szymański, Ryszard Czarnecki.. Commissioner: Danuta Hubner PRESS http://www.glogow.pl/iearn_gallery/index.php?cat=33 ================================= Spring Day in Europe 2005: 'Constitution for Europe' http://futurum2005.eun.org Patron: MEP Grażyna Staniszewska, prof. Jan Miodek Partners: -> Educational Portal 'Interklasa' -> University of Wroclaw -> Hewlett Packard -> Supermedia -> World Peace Bell in Newport, Kentucky

1620 schools, 1000 reports, 110 schools in Decision Making Role Play

with online voting and 'Festival of Democracy'

The winners: http://eu.m-szkola.net/wyniki.php


Spring day in Europe 2005 - EVENTS / POLAND

Lectures on „Constitution for Europe” aim to prepare students and teachers to Spring Day debates on March 17.
organization: University of Wroclaw
coordinator: msc Agnieszka Frąckowiak - Adamska
place: University of Wroclaw, street Uniwersytecka 7/10

subjects and dates:

1/ 02.03, 11.30 - 13.00 (max. 200 persons)
„Constitution for Europe as the next step to integration” msc Agnieszka Frąckowiak-Adamska

2/ 09.03 hour 11.30 - 13.00 room 2D
„Human rights in Constitution"
dr Agata Wnukiewicz-Kozłowska

3/ 16.03 11.30 - 13.00 room 2D
„Constitution for Europe and its influence for future of Europe” dr Michał Rynkowski


II Opening Ceremony
Debate on Constitution for Europe with members of European Parliament Ryszard Czarnecki, Konrad Szymanski and patron of SD in Poland prof. Jan Miodek, and other guests.

participants: students of seconady schools (invited)
date: Spring Day - 17 March, 10.30
place: Leopoldinum Aula, University of Wrocław


III Closing Ceremony
Concert "Music of Europe" in Wroclaw Filharmony prepared by students of secondary Music school
date: Spring Day - 17 March, 18.30 - 20.00
place: Philharmony in Wroclaw
organizer: Manager of Wroclaw Philharmony and also member of European Parliament Mrs Lidia Geringer d’Oedenberg and dr Zbigniew Łuc - Manager of secondary Music School II degree in Wroclaw, street Łowiecka 13/17

The concert began with Bell in Kentucky and minute of ‘silence’.


IV Video-conferences with support of Supermedia company and with participation of the members of European Parliament - Grażyna Staniszewska, Bronislaw Geremek, Janusz Onyszkiewicz
Streaming online http://interklasa.pl


V Festival of Democracy
Connected with European competition "Symbol for Democracy", Festival of Democracy it is an exhibition of works in the center of Wroclaw and ‘online’ festival on competition website.
date: 17 March - 31 March
place: Wrocław / internet



Multimedial presentation about preparation to the Spring Day 2005 in Poland - December report:

National website

Contact (PL/EN)

film project "ANTHEM - a short story about FREEDOM"

We are young artists now learning at the High School No. 3 in Gdansk. We are involved in the movie project entitled "Anthem" that will help us express our feelings about freedom.
A plot of the movie tells the story of a group of young people who live in the futuristic world and fight against its totalitarian ruler. The depressing atmosphere of the regime is overwhelming. Individuals are under permanent surveillance watch and deprived of both art and nature. Despite that harsh circumstances the young people are determined to overthrown the dictator and to live in freedom. In consequence the rebellion will be prepared and its victory will allow establishing 'The free nation of true people'.
To sum up the main idea of the movie film is about the lack of freedom and an enormous determination of young people to restore it.
We would like to join the European Spring Day celebration as freedom is the most crucial value of the future European Constitution.
It is our intention to initiate a serious discussion about the importance of freedom, courage and sacrifice in our days. Furthermore we hope that our project will help us find contact with other young film enthusiasts from the European Union who are familiar with movie making.

e-mail to ANTHEM TEAM: anthem@interklasa.pl

PROJECT - pre-school


This is our plan. Use your own ideas and finally we will exchange our experiences. The Scenario of the Spring Day in Europe in a public nursery school in Głogów
Author of the project: Ewa Kurzak ewa.kurzak@xl.wp.pl

Project: Illustrating values

Topic: Discovering the mystery of kindness

Participants: Groups of 5 and 6- year-old children, tutors, parents, allies..

Assumption of the project: building the system of values through creating the environment which will help to understand and experience these values

Aims and the range of actions justifying their undertaking
We, teachers and children from Nursery School number 5 run our life according to the system of universal values which are close to all European nations.
Kindness, Beauty and Truth sound differently in various languages but they are experienced in a similar way by both children and adults. By showing kindness to others we can expect the same. This spring, together with children, we are discovering the mystery of Kindness, therefore it becomes
the field and the aim of our searching and illustrating.

The effect of children’s work will be:
the Chest of Kindness photographed before and after the searching (the content of the chest will be filled during the whole action of children’s searching, parents’ grandparents’, siblings’ notes, children’s drawings, albums, photos and many other interesting ideas…) it can be any other
interesting “thing”.

The realization of the project:
We are looking for the answers to the questions:

1. Topic of the day:
what is kindness? (The children look for definitions among their nearest, express their experiences in a free way, kindness in various aspects – illustrate the knowledge gained)

2. Topic of the day:
Where can we find it? (the children visit institutions which bring help to those in need, invite people to the meetings in the Nursery School- illustrate experiences gained; Polish Red Cross, Caritas, therapeutic
community centers, Police, Fire Brigade, priests clergymen of various religions, social welfare centers, animal hospitals, League for the Preservation of Nature…. choose characters from fairy tales and cartoons, such as Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Winnie the Pooh, Pippi, Batman….)
after coming back to nursery school they share their experiences, documents with their friends – illustrate…

3. Topic of the day:
How does it work? When can you say it is there and when it is not. (They discuss, illustrate with movement, act drama scenes, mime, draw: what are the consequences of showing kindness?)

4. Topic of the day:
Why is it good to be kind? (What advantages can showing kindness bring? Searching for examples in one’s own life, literature…)

5. Topic of the day:
What good do we do for others and what else can we do? (We talk about actions that have already been introduced like collecting toys, clothes, books for Polish Red Cross, orphanage, hospital… We are looking for new ideas……)

6. Topic of the day:
We create Kind-hearted Smiles, free technique

Epilogue 17 March 2005:

Mr and Mrs Spring conduct the Kindness Picnic, its symbols are the Kind-hearted Smiles created by the children. They will be sent out, handed out to people who perform good deeds. Who? The children decide……

18-19 March 2005 - all the documents are prepared (Power Point) and the final report and photos are sent to the partners of the project and its national coordinator.

I am looking forward to your results. I am going to prepare one presentation and send it back to your school.

Spring Day in Europe 2004

Spring Day in Europe 2004 is about getting to know each other - old and new member states and candidate countries - by debating and celebrating the enlargement of the European Union. It is a unique project and a one-off opportunity for schools to make their voices heard on the subject of this historic event.

5627 schools took part in this event this year.
It means, 5627 schools all over the Europe prepared a special program for 23 March and celebrated Spring Day at European schools.

In Poland - 'Europe is closer than you think'

1200 schools took part in Spring Day in Europe in Poland.
About 550 schools sent reports to the main website.
Our the most important initiative and submission to this project it was the Ringing of the Peace Bell, the largest one in the World in Kentucky (USA). This Peace Bell was ringing on March 23 at 10 am for the official opening all sets of events and for peace for Poland, Europe, World..

Our main Spring Day website is

More pictures of Spring Day in Europe celebrations in Poland

Who is behind Spring Day?
Spring Day in Europe 2003 was an initiative by some members of the European Convention, the body that consolidated the EU treaties into a draft Constitution. The European Commission and European Schoolnet worked together to bring the debate on the future of Europe to schools. Almost 6 000 schools registered to take part and celebrated Spring Day in a huge variety of ways.
In 2004, European Schoolnet took up the running of the project together with national partners, with funding from the European Commission through DG Enlargement’s Prince programme.

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