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Jack Kinobe Sserunkuuma 2008-03-23

Link Afrika Cultural Exchange Programme highlights on the wide range of lands, peoples and cultures of the many regions and countries of Africa. Africa is a continent and not a country! Link Afrika works towards promoting Africa by linking the peoples of Africa to their counterparts in other continents so that they may share ideas, experiences and cultures and thus changing the perception of Africa.

Link Afrika in its extended programmes will in summer 2008 organize an arts festival, "FESTIVAL ON THE EQUATOR" in Kampala the capital of Uganda.
The festival programme will be characterised by performances, exhibitions, workshops and seminars; all these tailor-made to promote enjoyment as African culture enthusiasts from other continents share their passion of Africa with the natives through a wide range of activities.

The bodies will sweat,
And the voices be heard beyond the crouds
While the drums bang
Setting the small city of Kampala on fire of joy.......

The festival will be ushered in by an International Summer School ( African Performance). Anybody interrested ? Please express your interrest and we shall send you the details. Schools, Groups and individuals are welcome!

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