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M_K_I 2004-12-27

16 Sep 2003 - Tutorial Sequencer: recording, audio editing, audio processing, Sequence, Mixing
Skill level : medium

15 Sep 2003 - Detailled datasheet : Analysis and representation - WinOscillo enables you to visualise the sound amplitude and spectrum according to time and spectrum analysis with FFT.
Skill level: basic

15 Sep 2003 - Detailed user guide for FM SYNTHESIS: WaveFM is an FM synthesiser that reminds of synthesisers like Yamaha’s DX7. You can produce a sound and record it in a sound file (Wave). You can play from a virtual keyboard or an external keyboard via MIDI as well. Wave FM has 6 operators and 32 algoryths.
Skill level: medium

AIFF to WAVE Converter
15 Sep 2003 - Detailed user guide for Utilitarian - With these two small applications, Aiff audio files (used mainly on Mac) are converted into Wave files (normally used on PC Windows).
Skill level: basic

15 Sep 2003 - Detailed user guide for sound processing and transformation: Software for Sound Cross Synthesis.
Skill level: medium

15 Sep 2003 - Detailed user guide: Analysis and representation - This software enables you to make a representation of instant spectrum and medium spectrum.
Skill level: basic

09 Sep 2003 - Detailed user guide: You can extract CD audio tracks in Wave or MP3 files.
Skill level: basic

GIMP version 2.0
10 Jan 2003 - The GIMP is the GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is a freely distributed piece of software suitable for such tasks as photo retouching, image composition and image authoring.

@ Aplications for wave conversions

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