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Netd@ys Europe

M_K_I 2004-06-12

Netd@ys Europe
Netd@ys Europe

Netd@ys Europe is an initiative of the European Commission, organised by the Directorate-general for Education and Culture. It promotes the use of new technologies, especially the Internet, in education and culture.

The most important principle of Netd@ys is the voluntary participation of those working directly in the field. A vast number of projects, at local, regional or national level are organised and specific activities on-line and off-line are undertaken under the themes which are proposed each year. These include multimedia performances, online forums and games, workshops, competitions, etc.

Netd@ys provides all participating individuals and organisation with an open platform for participants to showcase their projects and with an opportunity for them exchange ideas and experiences with people all over the world. In 2003, Netd@ys Europe is interested in the theme of "Dialogue" involving different cultures.


M_K_I and Netd@ys

In 2003

Summary of international activity (with part about M_K_I) for 2003 on official website

We can read there (14 page)
"One of the main [Polish] project was the 'Influence of Greek civilization on European Culture'. As part of this, they organized: open doors during Netd@ys Week November 13-23 with an exibition of pictures from Greece on the website http://greece.republika.pl ; workshops for students (about 20 pupils); Graphic competition for students 'Flash view of Greece'. Students took part in publishing 'Lessons of Greek Culture'. New lessons were published daily during the week on the website http://ekola.net , and special multimedia presentation of Greek theatre was featured.
With the project about Wroclaw the students show history, cultural heritage, events, traditions and daily life in their city. They started in May 2003 and the website has pictures and flash made by themselves: http://m-szkola.net/wroclaw/index.shtml "

..we got certificates for 2 projects

1. about Greek culture.

-> "How Greek ancient Culture stays on Ocidental culture"
'...The aim of this project is to prove that the ancient culture is the source of the European Culture and still influence on art, literature, philosophy etc. On the website http://ekola.net we are preparing virtual school of Greek culture with lessons online. Later we will prepare special website consist of students science investigations, especially on subject "How Greek ancient culture influenced on Silesia culture" - this one in closely co-operation with Archeological Museum in Wroclaw...'

2. 'Wroclaw my town' http://m-szkola.net/wroclaw/index.shtml
streets of Wroclaw http://fobuss.republika.pl/awroclawstreet/big/ulice.shtml

-> "Wroclaw my town"
'Our website about Wroclaw - European metropolis proud of thousands years of history - with a big part consist of pictures on theme
- cultural heritage: monuments, museums..
for example
and our lesson "Through the centuries"

- cultural events: happenings, exibitions

- traditions: folklore, Christmas, Easter, food..

and many, many more.
Our special report "Streets of Wroclaw" (http://wroclaw-poland.sytes.net) shows also daily life in our town. We started on May 2003 and we are working on it :).
Our websites consist of self-maden pictures, flash and movies..'

In 2002
..we got certificate from Netd@ys for "Festival of Science"
project - http://fobuss.republika.pl/festiwal.htm
We prepared also a special flash intro. The Netd@ys team wrote in news:

"Flash celebration" for Netd@ys 2002 (20/11/2002)

The "Interschool Society of Internauts (MKI - Miedzyszkolny Klub Internautow) has prepared for its Website a "special introduction" intended at celebrating Netd@ys 2002. The introduction is conceived in Flash and include self-made pictures. MKI sent also special greetings e-cards to friends online, inviting them to celebrate the Netd@ys week.
MKI has registered a Netd@ys project called "Festival of Science". The Website provides daily report (pictures included) about an important event : the "V Festival of Science" in Wroclaw"

This flash intro you can see here:

-> "Festival of Science"
'..daily report about great event in Wroclaw - "V Festival of Science". We had interview in radio about our activity during this festival so people watched our website and saw pictures (and later movies). There are flash as well as mpg..'

2004: Your project has been approved..

Netd@ys Europe 2004

Thank you for your recent application to participate as a "labelled" project in the European Commission's Netd@ys Europe 2004 initiative.

The Netd@ys Team is very pleased to be able to let you know that your application has been successful and that your project has been awarded a Netd@ys label, a copy of which is attached. The logo is a well known brand name and it can be used when promoting your project for this year, but it should not be used for any other purpose. When the logo is used, it would be helpful if you would indicate that Netd@ys is an initiative of the European Commission.

Your project will also be included on the Netd@ys 2004 website which received over 3m hits last year. This should increase the visibility of your project and help to promote it in educational, cultural and other organisations in Europe and beyond.

The Netd@ys Team would like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking an interest in Netd@ys and it is very pleased to be able to collaborate with you in the successful promotion of your project.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Netd@ys Team if you require any further information.

Best wishes.

The Netd@ys Team
European Commission

The awarded M_K_I projects 2004

project 1: Mr Stork Proudly Presents

-> "Mr Stork Proudly Presents"

Project description:

"Summary :
The project Mr Stork Proudly Presents it is an original, and mostly picture view on Polish culture and traditions.

We have started on November 11, 2003 - Independence Day and we will finish generally on November 11, 2004..
We publish only original, self-maden pictures and articles about our anniversaries, more important events which take place in Poland this year.
For example, Mr Stork, (our Polish symbol) describing performance taken place in July 2004 during international iEARN conference, when Polish representatives in nobility costumes comes from XVII century showed aristocratic traditions, still living here we must say.
Mr Stork visited the oldest restaurant in Europe and ordered Polish food, was in museum of orders and described our national symbols, was at the unique Panorama Raclawicka (painting) etc.
He take part in some cultural or religion events, like International Festival of Street Theatre or celebrated here in great pomp Corpus Christi (Boże Ciało) (the day on which the Catholic Church commemorates the institution of the Holy Eucharist).
Each time we try to take as many pictures as possible aim to show present days in Poland. "

project 2: Wrocław non-stop

-> "Wrocław non-stop"

Project description:

"Wroclaw non-stop it is a 3 days (and nights) of happenings during Wroclaw (in Poland) annual holidays, which took place in June 2004.
Website http://genuaa.republika.pl/nonstop.htm it is a picture view on the main (in students opinion) events.
Among them there are "International Festival of Street Theatre" and "Medieval Skansen", which was built especially for this occasion. While official opening of this medieval skansen there were present teams from Poland, Czech Republik, Hungary and from other countries. In unique presentation we can learn about medieval life in Wroclaw, including original clothes which were prepared in the shape of such existing in museums.
The other subject "Lunch with TV" showing preparation process of TV programme in the center of the town with some important personalities.
We could meet everywhere president of our town..

Pictures and movies will be presented during Open-Doors at school Ekola in Wroclaw on November 22-27."

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