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European Day of Languages - 26 September 2005

M_K_I 2005-09-04

http://www.ecml.at/edl/default.asp Celebrating linguistic diversity, plurilingualism, lifelong language learning.. Welcome to FORUM and post your message in one of European Language http://m-szkola.net/forum/viewtopic.php?p=28 Let's celebrate linguistic diversity!

On 26 September 2005, the European Day of Languages will once again be held in Europe and elsewhere to celebrate linguistic diversity and promote language learning.

M_K_I welcome to the Forum

1. Text wishes in European languages..
How to say in Your language "Best wishes for Europe!"

2. Talk to me.. /multimedial resource/

Go to this this website

the next
- select RealSpeak solo
- select your language
- type the text "Best wishes for Europe"/"I am an European" or something else in your language and send it to mki@m-szkola.net or publish here, on this topic.


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