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M_K_I interviews for Holland newspaper

M_K_I 2004-06-12

teenagers in Poland - daily life May I first ask your name, age, and, if you like, the profession of your parents. Then answer the following questions. If necessary, maybe your teacher can help you. What time do you rise? And what do you have for breakfast? Can you describe a common school day? (Don't forget to tell something about school hours, order and discipline). How much pocket money do you get? How do you spend it? (CDs', candy, magazines?) What kind of music do you like? What are your favourite television programs? And your favourite hobby's/sports? When does school break up? What are your plans for the holidays? How do you celebrate your birthday? (At home and at school) What's on top of your list of gifts wanted? What do you have for supper? And what time you go to bed?

I am Hania and I have just started attending to Secondary School in Wieluń, so I am over seventeen. My parents are lawyers. I am so proud of them. My Dad works as a lecturer in the university.
I usually get up at 6.50 in order to not miss the first lesson. It is very difficult for me because I love sleeping. My mother has always a big problem with waking me up. Then I say: once again the same horrible morning.
My day begins at seven o'clock. When half-conscious I go to the bathroom, I clean myself. Next I make my subtle make-up and eat breakfast.
Polish breakfast does not differ from breakfasts from the other countries, it is really normal. I eat different kind of sandwiches, especially with meat, cheese and ham. I drink a cup of tea with milk or honey which is called “bawarka”. The bad point of Polish is that we eat less vegetables. People from Poland neither like milk nor cornflakes. I think it depends on our habits.
A lot of older people say that after drinking a cup of milk they have stomach ache...but I do not belive in it.
I live six kilometres away from Wieluń. I have somehow get to school. My mother usually gives me a lift, if not I get there by bus. The lessons in Polish school start at 8 clock after a loud sound of the bell.
My school is quiet nice. The main building is modern and large, seems to be friendly and open for students. The history of school starts at the begining of XX century any in next two years it will have 100 anniversary. It is one of the best grammar school in this area. We have our own ground, we play there volleyball, basketball and make exercises. Inside there is a bit cool but it does not matter if the atmosphere is great. One lesson lasts 45 minutes not longer. Then we have a break- it means 10 to 20 minutes off. At school I learn history, Polish, English, German, biology, maths, chemistry, physics and geography. I also have information technology, P-E and subject in which I learn how to protect myself in spite of any dangerously events. Mostly I have seven sometimes eight hours a day. During 8th lesson I feel very tired. Frankly speaking, I can not be concentated on the main topics. We have to make our duty at school, it means cleaning the blackboard, watering the flowers.
Our learning progresses are marked by teachers with sixs grade skale (from 1 to 6). 6 is the best note ano 1 is the worst. All our notes, information about us and our absences are wrote in the registers.
The school is not so strict as it looks. The atmosphere is really friendly. We have our own school shop with food and of course the equipment of pencil case.
During the lessons we attentively listen what the headmaster is saying. We must not talk to each other then.
After the tiring day it is high time to eat supper. At my place we always eat very light supper, maybe salad or fish and some slices of granary bread. After finishing the meal I have a bath and I go to bed. If I have a lot of homework I stay longer with my books but usually I go to bed at 11 p.m. I fall asleep quickly and I dream about another exciting day.
As to my pocket money, I have my own bankaccount. My mother sends 100 zł every month on it. I do not think it is a lot of money but it is enough for me. I spend my pocket money on tickets to the cinema, concerts or buying new clothes and books. I am not very interested in fashion, I have my own style of wearing. I like colorful things. I do not wear jewellery apart from earrings. This money from account belongs only to me and it is being spent for something special. When I go out with my friends I can buy what I want: sweets, cakes, bookes and many others. I feel a little independent with my pocket money. I do not have to ask my parents for giving me some.
Now, I listen to some reggae music. The most popular reggae singer was Bob Marley. He came from Kingston in Jamaica. When he was a child he was very poor. He became Rastafarian and sang about peace and equality. Bob Marley is still a symbol of peace and love for people in countries all over the world in spite of his death.
I do not watch telly. I am too busy to wasting my free time on watching usually boring programmes. But if I turn on the television I prefer historical and cultural films, sometimes cartoons ( for relax ).
I love reading many kinds of books, particulary philosophical. I also like going for a walk because of living in such a lovely countryside. I am interested in foreign languages as English, German and French. I am also studying them. I am keen on Rastafarian ideology. I write a lot notes and next I set them in my computer. I collect informations about women who were living in different ages, from antiquity to XIX century. I can say I am a feminist. But the most I am interested in gaining the knowledge. I do not practise any sports now. In the past I practised volleyball.
School holidays begines on the 21th of June and ends on the 1st of August. So it lasts in about two months. We have also winter holidays but they are much shorter and lasts only two weeks (at the turn of January and Fedruary). During Easter we also have a holidays and extra week off. Of course we have weekends - we attend to school for five days and next we have two days off. In July I am planning to go to France with my friends or to Egypt where I will try to learn how to dive. It is my dream. I am also going to visit my family in London and have a great fun during the concerts in Poland. That is all my plans for the holidays.
I have my birthday on the 5th of June. If the weather is fine I will make a garden party with campfire, weird dancings, we will sing the songs and have a great fun becouse of this meeting. This celebration is the only way to meet all my friends at one place. If the weather is not so good we will go somewhere to dance or stay at old-fashioned pub. Next day I will have a meeting with my family. I like small presents which make me smile. It does not matter how much this present costs but the most important is that this gift is made with somebodys interests at heart. I really appreciate the suprises too.
We have a very nice class tradition, when somebody has a birthday he or she brings to school a lot of candies and shares to one another.

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