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International co-operation -> Learning Circle 2004/2005

M_K_I 2004-10-17

2004/2005 iEARN - Learning Circle CCH1 [October 2004-January 2005] @ http://foro.iearn.org/.ee706de/ Participating countries: Pakistan, Belarus, Poland, Iran, Kenya, CA/United States, Ghana. Final projects 2004 http://www.iearn.org/circles/fall2004/index.htm


USA: Transportation project
Anne Lambert, Lindsay McAuliffe, and students from San Diego, California, USA, suggested this project on
Transportation We would like to know what kind of transportation the other students Use (foot, bike, car, plane, etc.) and where they have been.
We also want to know how they would like to travel and where they would go if they could choose any kind of vehicle. We also want to know if anybody is interested in traveling to another planet!

Poland (M_K_I): "Learning through celebrations"

We would like to know:
1. The main celebrations in your country (country holidays): dates (year calendar) + short descriptions and additionally + one self made picture about it if possible [ can be more ]
example: independence day, new year celebrations, religious festivals etc.
2. Some other family (or/and school) celebrations like marriages, baptism or/and school annually holiday (school day) etc.
3. Answer for our question: what holiday would you like to establish in your country and why?

Belarus: "Places Connected with WWII"
As you all know, next year we are going to celebrate a 60-year anniversary of the WWII Victory. That’s why we would like to get some information about places and memorials in your countries dedicated to WWII. Are their any sites near your school or in your community? Can you send us some stories about this place and its history? Maybe there are some photos available as well. How are you going to celebrate this date? How do you usually celebrate this day?

What types of cultures, societies or rather international cultures do you think are within and surround your local areas, school e.t.c and how can you personally identify?
What is your attitude towards discrimination and how can you recognize and explore the variety of cultural influences in their own identity?
In your own society seting, how and what in a comparison manner does a variety of cultures mark significant life milestones, for example birth coming of age, marriage, old age, death expectancies or life span?
Can you compare at least two different societies (Previous and Current) and their cultural expressions towards way of life for example language, dress, food, leisure activities?
What are/is your (traditional or modern) religious belief and practices comparable to two of your own chosen international diversities?
Towards Interculturalism, currently the old age practices & perception towards the links between aid, colonialism, trade, slavery and racism tend to be repeated whereas there is still human trafficking e.t.c what is both your “- or +” perception towards such practices in your society?
How many emigrants, migrants and immigrants do you think are around members of your dominant culture and could you be willing to promote international understanding through host family hosting of international students, visitors e.t.c?

How do you relate with people socially, publicly e.t.c in order to promote inclusive and intercultural behavior for example, at the workplace, clubs, societies, schools, training and beyond?
Can you be in a position (Optional) to send us stories, short essays, images or photos i.e promoting Interculturalism around your school, community and internationally?
Lastly, tell us briefly your cultural origins or your favorite or alternatively the best origin of your current popular music star, cinema, dance, drama, art.

Iran: "My best"

1.MY BEST ……

This is the list of suggestions but we hope you'll feel free to add some topics of your own.

My best day in life
My best relative - brother - sister - uncle - aunt
My best friend
My best teacher
My best dream
My best wish
My best journey
My best holiday
My best pet,
My best memory of playing sport
My best memory of watching sport


The best book you have read
The best film you have seen
The best sentence you have read
The best sentence you have heard
The best music you have listened
The best food you have eaten


We'd like you to write us your first experience about the following topics. Please feel free to add some topics of your own.

Falling in love
Feeling Hatred for sb
Separation from parents, family or a friend
Going to school
Being alone
Feeling frightened
Cooking food
Playing a musical instrument
Going on a trip
Cheating in exam
Telling a lie
Playing a trick
Feeling embarrassed
Making a speech in public
Feeling proud

3.If you had a very huge wall, .......

• what would you call it?
• what would you prefer it was made of?
• where would you prefer it was located on?
• what would you write on it?
• what would you draw on it?
• would you get it extended?
• how would you use it to make a difference in the world?

Looking forward to hearing from you all
Thanks, and best wishes,
The students from Farzanegan Zeynab Educational Center, Iran

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