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Welcome to 'Public Art' project!

Halina Bednarz 2008-02-04

http://www.iearn.cat/publicart/#english   Public Art Project Goals - Constructing a photographic gallery with images brought by the participant groups, which show some artistic element that is found in a public space, in the open air, from their town.

- Fostering the knowledge (authorship, history, meaning, etc) of the public art works.
- Promoting the respect to the public spaces.
- Impulsing the relationship among pupils from different countries.

Addressed to Students of 10 to 18 years.

"Public Art Project is designed to promote the respect for the urban environement and to encourage relationships between students in Europe countries.

It is a didactic proposal that applies the use of ICT in several curricular areas and promotes the attainment
of several basic competences.

We have thought the project for 10-18 years students, the participation is with every country language as well as English.
The schedule of participation run from february 4- April 30, 2008.
For more information see our web site:


M_K_I ....

Our photos are here ('International')


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