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Local History - From Kenya

M_K_I 2004-10-17

photo of a traditional birth attendant and her tools
photo of a traditional birth attendant and her tools

Kenya has varried cultures and traditions unlike our class students.

Therefore, Kenya being an established British colony in the year 1895, was first populated by a number of small dispersed tribal groups. The main groups were the Kikuyu, Kamba, Luo and Maasai with an exeption of other unmentioned tribes and cultures. These tribes shared the same area of land although they all had different origins.

Therefore, In the Luo society setting (dholuo being the language) originated with regard to cultural or natural situations and as advised by grand parents, children’s ethnic identity is determined by their paternal origins and possibly cultural matters pertaining to the family life.

My community is one of Kenya’s most diverse groups and cultures called the Nilotic migrations subdivided into three categories:-* Highland Nilotes * Plain Nilotes and * The River Lake Nilotes from which I belong. The (Luo) group moved up from Lake Turkana area, westwards to the Lake Albert and River Nile. They began moving southwards in the 14th and 15th centuries and gradually settled in Kenya between the 15th and 17th centuries AD. 1500 AD marked the advent of the Luo who displaced the Luyia (Bantu) speakers from the Lake Basin. The Luo occupation of the Lake region during the last 500 years resulted in the retreat of the Luhyia eastwards to higher ground. These Luo communities are currently found around Nyanza province of Kisumu town and along the Lake Victoria extended where they settled as fishermen and farmers.

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