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M_K_I 2006-12-17

EUROPEAN TEACHERS' NEWSLETTER #1 December 17, 2006 WHAT'S ON United Nations Art Competition Think Quest Competition "Atelier de Lecture" Competition, Belgium Plant a Tree Project, UN's Cyberschoolbus Career Information Learning Objects, Australia Assisted Projects, Quebec - Canada The Image of the Other in Spanish


December 17, 2006

United Nations Art Competition
Think Quest Competition
"Atelier de Lecture" Competition, Belgium
Plant a Tree Project, UN's Cyberschoolbus
Career Information Learning Objects, Australia
Assisted Projects, Quebec - Canada
The Image of the Other in Spanish

Videoconferencing Project, France
*Environmental Development at School with EMAS, Germany*
Junior Pupils Association for Health Project, France
Cultural Project, Turkey
Cross curricular Project, Spain

Dear colleagues,

2006 is coming to an end with all its changes and memories. 2007 is at hand with hopes, projects and new opportunities. 2007 is also a landmark in the history of the European Union. Fifty years ago a small group of people with a vision were giving the final touches to a concept that has allowed us to live in peace, travel, expand and share across borders.

Does the EU still have a vision? Are there still people who convey and embody those wonderful ideas and values? Good questions.

Some of you may have noticed that I jumped from number 118 to number 1. I am happy to tell you that I have left the network I worked for over the last 10 years, but I still feel it is my mission to inform and help you find partners, .so it is still me, but starting from scratch again. If we stay together we may have a chance to make a positive difference, nobody else will.

Let me know what you are doing, what you feel and I will be more than happy to convey your creativity to our large unique network of teachers. A lot of good things are going on everywhere, little projects, big projects, good quality initiatives and we must share them with each other.

Last but not least, "Merry Christmas" and "Happy Winter Break" to all of you and see you again next year!

With you all the way,


NEW EMAIL ADDRESS: brigitte.perles.parry@gmail.com

___________________ WHAT'S ON ____________________


United Nations Art Competition

To commemorate the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty (October 17th) and the First Decade for the Eradication of Poverty (1997-2006), the United Nations Department for Economic and Social Affairs, in collaboration
with the Department of Public Information and the United Nations Postal Administration launches an art competition for children to design a UN stamp on the theme 'we can end poverty'

Age group: 5 to 15 years old
Deadline: 30 June 2007

All information at:



Think Quest Competition

Students, ages 9-19, form a team and recruit a teacher to act as coach. They work together to create an innovative website on any topic within a broad range of educational categories. Diverse teams and globally relevant themes
are encouraged.

* What do you win?*
The top 10 teams in each age division receive laptop computers and a cash award for the coach's school. In addition, the top 3 teams in each age division travel to ThinkQuest Live, an educational extravaganza celebrating
their achievements. A special award is also presented to the team best demonstrating global perspectives.
Deadline: 16 April 2007



"Atelier de Lecture" Competition, Belgium

This competition is organised every year by a Belgian association (French speaking community), it focuses on developing writing and reading skills among pupils aged 11 to 18. The topic this year is science fiction and the
language is French (of course!)
Deadline: 19 January 2007

http:// www.leaweb.org


Plant a Tree Project, UN's Cyberschoolbus

The United Nations Environment Programme is launching a major worldwide tree planting campaign. Under the *Plant for the Planet: Billion Tree Campaign*, people, communities, business and industry, civil society organizations and governments will be encouraged to enter tree planting pledges on this website with the objective of planting at least one billion trees worldwide during 2007.


General Cyberschoolbus web site in 6 languages:



Career Information Learning Objects, Australia

Very far away from Europe, our friends from Australia have always been way ahead in terms of technologies in education. This is one small example and it is related to career guidance. Check these learning objects you're your
pupils. The texts are in English, so why not start a project on how to help pupils find their way after school?





Assisted Projects, Quebec - Canada

The Prof-Inet assisted projects are made for those of you, learners or speakers of French, who need help to implement projects. Schools from many French speaking countries situated on all continents take part in these projects. They are designed for pupils aged 7 to 12.

Take a look and trust the team, they are very good.



The Image of the Other in Spanish

'The Image of the Other' is an example of a collaborative project in which teachers and their pupils use the Internet and this material as a starting point for the most crucial part in a collaborating process: the dialogue in which you exchange information, data, viewpoints, etc., on many different subjects with colleagues and peers abroad.

The Image of the other is supported by a very good teachers guide. It was designed by people among the best experts of international school collaboration.

Now also available in Spanish

http:// www.europeanschoolsproject.org/image

________________ COLLABORATION_________________

Working Together


Videoconferencing Project, France

Schools situated in the South west of France are looking for partners to set up exchanges using video-conference and English as communication language.

Contact person: Regis Bracq



* Environmental Development at Schools with EMAS, Germany*

"We are looking for partners to work in a Comenius 1 school development project from 2007 on and for 3 years. We already have partners from Finland, Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Romania and we would also like to have partners from Turkey, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Denmark, Hungary.......- we want to create a very large partnership.
The title of the project will be Pro-EMAS (Promoting Environmental Management Audit Scheme)and just to get an idea, the activity of our project will be:
* An annual congress to perform pedagogical activities for environmental
protection and sustainable development
* Bilateral / trilateral meetings to work and solve concrete problems in implementing EMAS at schools
* Developing of measures to promote EMAS in our respective countries
* Setting a yearly focus on an environmental problem - e.g. climate change - to work in common with our students"

Contact: christiane@bodammer.de


Junior Pupils Association for Health Project, France

A group of young people have set up a blog to express themselves and exchange with other young people. The general theme is "universal values".
The topic they have chosen to start with is: "solidarity with senior citizens".

Why not get your pupils to participate?



Cultural Project, Turkey

This secondary school is situated in South West Turkey, and the pupils are 7 to 14 years old. They are looking for opportunities to exchange and share on themes related to the understanding of other cultures. Communication
language should be English.

Contact: Mehmet DAŞ



Cross curricular Project, Spain

Carlos Balaguer, from Valencia – Spain, is looking for partners to set up a
project with her 20 secondary pupils. The work would cover three subjects:
maths for statistics, physical education for popular games and languages for communication.

Contact: Balaguer Pasrtor Carlos




This newsletter is simply dedicated to teachers, the only people who are the guardians of education and work hard to help our children become reliable and knowledgeable world citizens. It is written, translated and disseminated
on a voluntary basis.
To contribute or to subscribe in any of the 23 official EU languages, please send an email to Brigitte Parry at:




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