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International Year of Astronomy - news

Halina Bednarz 2009-03-06

Here are some IYA2009 updates from the last week.
Galileoscopes now available
The Galileoscope — a high quality, easy-to-assemble and easy-to-use telescope at an unprecedentedly low price — is now available to order.

Mark your calendar to take part in the 2009 GLOBE at Night campaign set for March 16 - 28, 2009
Here is an opportunity for students, youths, and families to take part in a two week worldwide citizen science project to record night time light pollution across the world. One needs to merely go outside, look up, observe the stars from your location, and record your star observations.

News round-up, 6 March 2009
See what news sites and blogs have been saying about IYA2009.

IYA2009-themed Physics World available for free

The special March issue of Physics World can be downloaded for a short amount of time. It includes features on giant telescopes, Earth-like planets, and interviews with leading astronomers.

New The World at Night newsletter
Keep up-to-date with this project.

The World at Night on MSNBC.com

Beautiful images from the IYA2009 project have been featured on MSNBC.com.

What do children think of the Universe?
The Universe Awareness project wishes to make this an opportunity to share children's perceptions of the sky. Your help is needed to interview children aged between 4 and 10.

100HA: Hubble has a winner!

The public has voted on where they want to aim their favourite space observatory, the Hubble Space Telescope. And the winner is -- drum roll, please -- a pair of close-knit galaxies that look like they are shaking hands -- or rather spiral arms.

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