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'Little Explorers' within TOP 100 /2006 in EUROPE!!

M_K_I 2006-11-29

http://webnews.textalk.com/en/view.php?id=8842   We are please to inform that LITTLE EXPLORERS OF A BIG SPACE has been just selected within TOP100 in Europe 2006 in eLearning Awards COMPETITION! SEE ENTRY DETAILS

CONGRATULATIONS for ENO Tree Planting Event - A Day For The Environment And Peace /Finland as well :)


/ look- think- talk- imagine- realize/

Pupil age group
4 to 5 years, 6 to 8 years

Language of the project

In the Little Explorers project children supervised by teachers perform a series of unusual activities such as research games and experiments. Children and teachers analyse the results of the activities, describe, exchange and publish them using ICT. The reports, descriptions of results of the children’s researches make the basis of educational resources which develop different strategies of thinking and listening to others. Children ask open-ended questions: Why…?, How…?, What would happen if…? and try to find the answers to the questions.

The aims of the project:
• Development of creative thinking by solving problems, unconventional use of different objects, using different sources of information.
• Development of abilities to communicate by discussing negotiating, reasoning and making decisions in a team.
• Development of abilities of teachers who will teach each other using advanced communication and information processing tools but also publishing the effects of work with children.
• Expansion of the number of teaching resources of schools taking part in the project.

Children supervised by their teachers carry out a series of subprojects:

1. Little Explorers of Big Space

2. Human - a part of nature/Climate

a) Draughts online
b) Board games
c) Digital puzzles

Summary of benefits and transferability
The effects of children’s work:

Little Explorers is a project created for the youngest nursery school students. Children will be the authors of board games, puzzles made of digital pictures, films, interviews, e-cards. They will make some measuring tools and models individually (e.g. sundial, compass, thermometer, planetarium, scales, a block, inclined plane, telephone, etc). Children will print signs and name cards. They will discuss, negotiate, reason, decide on the content of the notes, create mind maps, organise and arrange room for plays and make records of their actions. Supported by their teachers children will use wide range of ICT tools and multimedia software chosen to suit their perceptive abilities.
The project teaches understanding the conditions of life, the ways of play In other country.
They will also get in touch with their friends in other countries.

Supervised by their teachers children will be able to observe the environment, use multimedia sources of information (e-books), search for information on the Internet, use digital tools such as digital camera or scanner to make records, copy and process information. The project helps to develop the abilities to use advanced communication tools of cooperation between children, teachers and nursery schools.

The project will make possible to meet with different style and methods of teaching in Poland, Malta, Czech Republic, Spain, Scotland, etc.

Teachers will teach one another how to use a number of communication tools and to use and process educational resources. They’ll also use media blogs which will enable to publish documents, interviews, films, reportages and PowerPoint and Flash presentations, etc.
Using Media Blog /with podcast option/ and mobile phones teachers will be able to send movies, pictures and recordings. All those resources will be automatically put in the ‘Hot News!’ bookmark and later copied to appropriate category of the project’s tasks.

That project has been included in the iEARN Project Book 2006/2007

International TEAM:
Teachers from Poland: Ewa Kurzak, Halina Bednarz, Sylwester Strzelec
Teacher from Spain: Maria Piedad Avello
Teacher from Malta: Miriam Schembri
Teacher from Czech Republic: Jitka Rehakova
Teacher from Scotland: Margaret Hay, Wendy Munro

http://webnews.textalk.com/en/view.php?id=8842 ;

1st January 2006- Evaluation / Part 1

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