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Środa, 27 wrzesnia 2023 - 17:03
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eTwinning Quality Label Poland


I have got pleasure to inform you that Universal Values gained in June another distinction - eTwinning Quality Label Poland. I want to thank for cooperation my partner from Spain Maria Piedad Avello Fernandez, Polish staff for professional help: Halina Bednarz & Sylwester Strzelec, teaching staff, wonderful pupils and parents. My city for giving server on requirements of this project: http://www.glogow.pl/pp5 I also thank teachers from Turkey, Romania, Malta, Estonia, Pakistan for joining with common activities.

From the moment of announcement it in iEARN Project Book 2005 and beginning of eTwinning partnership, the project considerably developed. We processed a lot of common materials. All of them are on the project page and set in order in RESOURCES section.

All participants got the great of it. We touched problems important for every child and adult. I have learnt to use many informatic tools, by means of I could share experiences with you.

The presentation can be found among other eTwinning resources at the following website:

Another outcome of our cooperation we are the most proud of is our web site http://www.glogow.pl/pp5/  where we publish the results of our cooperation.
There are many articles and presentations of universal values made with the use of PowerPoint 2003. The published resources are ordered according to which value they represent / human dignity and human rights, rule of law, peace, democracy, solidarity, freedom, tolerance, equality /.

Our resources:
Since the time the site was set up it was visited 33 thousand times. Our partnership has a possibility of publishing images and multimedia files in a free browser called Coppermine Photo Gallery. Forum for teachers:

Team work made it possible to prepare invitations to cooperation and descriptions of the new project proposals. Those are published in Blogs:
--> Little Explorers of Big Space project
--> Human- a part of nature/ Climate project
--> KidSmart Family project
--> Radio Values_pl /MediaBlog/

This year was very industrious.
I hope that after holiday we will be continuing this project in more numerous company. I sincerely invite you to the farther cooperation.
I wish you wonderful holiday to all of You.

Best regards,
Ewa Kurzak


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