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Traditional Moroccan dishes: Couscous is our traditional dish, we eat it every Friday..

Said Belgra 2008-04-23

Image:Said Belgra

The traditional drink in Morocco is tea. Couscous is our traditional dish, we eat it every Friday. Welcome to learn how we prepare them, and - more over -tagine and bread.


Image:Said Belgra

Hello, I’m Merriam. Welcome to my house.

To prepare Couscous for 5 people, we need:
1 kg Couscous (semolina) , oil , spices ( salt , saffron , cumin , ginger ) , vegetables ( 2 carrots , 1 tomato , 2 turnips , 250 g pumpkin , 2 courgettes , 1 onion ) , parsley and coriander , ˝ kg chicken or meat , some water .

1. We put meat or chicken in a bowl; we add some oil, spices, a chopped onion and a cup of water and leave it for 10 mins to be cooked.
2. Then we add 1L water, the slices of vegetables, parsley and coriander, and let it cooked on fire.
3. We water Couscous with salted water and put in a perforated steamer pot called « kaskass ».
Put the « kaskass » on the broth bowl to be steamed.
4. After 20 / 30 mins, we put couscous back in the earthen ware. Water it with salted water.
Put Couscous again in the « kaskass » and on the broth bowl to be steamed again.
Couscous should be steamed three times over broth.

5. Finally, we put it in a plate. Put the meat and decorate it with vegetables and the broth.

Couscous is very delicious , try it and you’ll see.

The traditional drink in Morocco is tea..

Hello , I’m Abdellatif , welcome to my house.

To make it , we need tea, mint , sugar , and boiled water.
We put some tea in the tea pot and pour boiled water.
We stir to rinse tea.. we put mint.. we put some sugar.. we pour boiled water.
We put the tea pot on the cooker for the tea to stand, then we taste if it’s sweet enough. When we taste it, we serve it hot.


Hello, I’m Zakia. I like cooking. My special day is when I help my mother in the kitchen .

I’m going to show you how to make Tagine. It’s very easy.

We need a « Tagine »- a small earthen-ware, meat, spices (salt, cummin, pepper, saffron, pimento), potatoes, tomatoes, onions and parsley.
We pour a little of oil, put meat in the earten ware « Tagine », we flauvour it with spices, we add chopped onions, then we add slices of potatoes and decorate it with tomatoes and parsley, and pour a little of oil.
We also decorate it with slices of green and red paprika.

2. We put our « Tagine » on the stove and add some water.
We let it for an hour.

After eating Tagine, we always have a cup of tea with mint.
My friend Abdellatif showed you how to make Moroccan tea.


Hello, I’m Khadija. I like helping my mother in the kitchen. I will show you how to make Moroccan bread.

To make bread, we need flour, some salt, yeast, and some warm water.
We put flour in an earthen-ware, we add some salt and yeast, then we pour water little by little till we have a paste. We knead it well for 3 minutes.

After kneading the paste, we make balls, and press them into circles. We let them for an hour to be fermented.

We bake our bread in traditional ovens.

It’s healthy and delicious.


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