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Found 34 articles.

Headline   Author   Published

POLAND: First Holy Communion /May   Bednarz   2008-05-11
"Europe Day" /9 May   Bednarz   2008-05-06
POLAND: Long weekend and traditional May outing in Japanese Garden /Wroclaw   Bednarz   2008-05-04
BRUNEI: School events and cultural celebrations /PTEB in Darussalam   See   2008-05-02
POLAND: '1st of May - World Guitar Day'.. Guinness record again!   Bednarz   2008-05-01
POLAND: HALLOWEEN /1.11.2007   Bednarz   2007-11-03
BRUNEI: Thrills at RBAF's 46th anniversary celebration   Bednarz   2007-07-03
International Children's Day and its Asian roots   Zerdzinski   2007-06-03
POLAND: Children's Day /1st of June   Bednarz   2007-06-02
Mother's Day in Poland - 26th May   Zerdzinski   2007-05-26
POLAND: Children's Day /June 1st (preparations to..)   Bednarz   2007-05-21
POLAND: First communion /May   Bednarz   2007-05-21
FRANCE: May the 8th   Clément   2007-05-08
France: 'The Witches' Night' - April 30th   Clément   2007-05-08
JAPAN: The Golden Week in Japan     2007-05-07
POLAND: May 1st 2007/ GUITAR GUINNESS WORLD RECORD 2007 - 1800 guitars today!   Bednarz   2007-05-01
JAPAN: Hinamatsuri /3rd March   Miyuki   2007-04-24
JAPAN: Kodomo no hi (meaning "Children’s Day) /May 5   Miyuki   2007-04-24
INDONESIA: Kartini Day   Mika-Hadelka   2007-04-21
INDONESIA: Galungan and Kuningan and the series of Celebrations   Student of Madania School   2007-04-08
JAPAN: Hina doll set /3 March     2007-04-04
POLAND/EUROPE: 50th Anniversary of the Treaty of Rome - celebrations   Bednarz   2007-03-23
8th March – International Women’s Day.   Mika-Hadelka   2007-03-08
SLOVENIA: Pust’- Shrove Tuesday   Zalokar   2007-02-18
JAPAN: Valentine’s day in Japan   Bednarz   2007-02-18
St. Valentine’s Day in Poland   Mika-Hadelka   2007-02-12
PHILIPPINES: 400th Anniversary Feast of Black Nazarene   Recella   2007-02-01
POLAND: 21/22 January - Grandmother and Grandfather's Day   Kurzak   2007-01-30
December in Philippines   Bednarz   2007-01-29
PHILIPPINES: SINULOG FESTIVAL 2007   Recella   2007-01-27
POLAND: The 15th Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity - 14 January   Bednarz   2007-01-12
POLAND: Santa Claus / December 6   Bednarz   2006-12-06
POLAND: 30 November - Andrzejki (St. Andrew's Day)   Bednarz   2006-12-01
POLAND: 4 December - Barbórka, Miners' Day (St. Barbara Day)   Bednarz   2006-12-01

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