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POLAND: Young Scientists from Liceum M. Copernicus, Zywiec and our school observatory!

Zofia Zofia Pajestka-Jurasz 2008-11-10

Actions to be taken concerning the 'International Year of Astronomy 2009'

Properties related to astronomy
I. Obtaining materials connected with the historic sundial at the Żywiec Castle (19/20th centuries)
II. Description of the Planetary Path in the Beskidy Mountains.
III. Description of the most famous Polish astronomers (Johannes Hevelius, Nicolaus Copernicus, Bohdan Paczyński, Aleksander Wolszczan)
Following in Galileo's footsteps
Sky obserwations:
1)In the school observatory using a telescope
2)Outdoor observations of e.g. meteors, ISS. Documenting the observations - astrophotography, publishing the photos on the Internet.

Sharing the knowledge.

1.N. Copernicus' birthday on 19th February
a)the results of the school competition for an astronomy paper
b) building a model of the Solar System, keeping the size of the planets in the right scale
c) building a model of the Solar System, keeping the size ot the planets and distances between them in the right scale ( the Sun will be imitated by the observatory dome)
d) a scientific lecture on astronomy at our school
e) an exhibition of astrophotography
f) an exhibition of stamps connected with astronomy
g) decorating our school with portraits of famous astronomers together with a short description
h) presentation of sundials made by our students

2.Competitions organised in high schools in Zywiec:
a) October 2008 - 19 February 2009 school competition for an astronomy paper
b) „The Sun has initiated and sustains life on the Earth" - A photographic competition for a picture showing the actions of the Sun. June 2009 -30 October 2009
c) A school competition for a short science fiction story
d) A monument to astronomy
- an artistic competition
- a competition for the best website

3.Lectures and talks given by scientists invited to our school.
a)Prof. Kutschera
b)The discoverer of comets
c)other scientis - at the moment we are negotiating their coming to our school
4.Students' trips to planetaria and observatories e.g. in Chorzów or Toruń.
5.Publishing a bulletin entitled ‘'International Year of Astronomy 2009'

teachers: Mrs Zofia Pajestka-Jurasz, Mrs Agnieszka Gęga


Students from Liceum M. Copernicus in Zywiec with teacher Zofia Pajestka-Jurasz

Alternative content

- movie composed from our photos.

Our school Observatory

School telescope


This is a photo of the Moon we took thanks to this telescope on 6 November.

Planetary Path in the Beskidy Mountains

We are working on Description of the Planetary Path in the Beskidy Mountains /Poland/ - the special service will be open for visitors for comments and own photos 'I was there and I saw on the sky...' - coming soon...


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