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POLAND: Polish-Japanese culinary experience

Joanna Mika-Hadelka 2008-02-19

Robert Grzelak, a student from ZSEI Swietochlowice is telling about Polish-Japanese culinary experience: TOFU members, Rumi Takaya and Miyuki Ikuyo from Keio Girls' High School in Tokyo made traditional Polish food from the recipe which I sent in my e-mail. They were the ‘golobki’ - a stuffed cabbage with a tomato sauce. Here is an account of what they think about it:

“It was very delicious for me and my family.
We thought it was salted just right.
Especially we were surprised the sauce!
I had eaten cabbage roll but I had not eaten it with the sauce made from tomato and butter.
This combination was suited very much!
I thought this sauce is suited with bread and pasta.
I would try and find another good combination.
I will try this recipe again.
Thank you for giving wonderful recipe!”
Rumi Takaya

“During making it, I thought it wouldn't taste good, actually :(
The moment when I had eaten it, I was really surprised!
It's so delicious!
I especially like bread and source!
Source can be used lots of dishes!
All my family told it was so delicious and they wanted to eat again!!!
Thank you for your recipe!
I will introduce to you a Japanese recipe!
So please wait:)”
Miyuki Ikuyo

And now we are looking forward to it, but we are not sure if we are as skilful as our friends from Japan.

Robert Grzelak, a student from ZSEI Swietochlowice, Poland


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