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Halina Bednarz 2006-12-01

Conference in Greece /2006
Conference in Greece /2006

South Korea, Slovenia, Brunei, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Japan, United Kingdom, Slovakia, Denmark, Poland..

Hyun Chang Lim, South Korea - school Bundang Daejin HS

Polona Zalokar, Andreja Vipotnik Ravnak, Slovenia - school Solski center Celje, Gimnazija Lava

Leng Yee See, Brunei - school Pusat Tingkatan Enam Berakas

Leonora Anne Peers, Ms Jasmine Kaur, Malaysia - school Garden International School

Pupu Prasaputra Kosasih, Indonesia - school Sekolah Berwawasan International

Helen Aggabao, Philippines - school National High School 

Hideyuki Baba, Japan - Keio Girls' High School

Maryline Clément, France - LPR Valentin Metzinger, Saint-Avold

Steven Kirby, United Kingdom - Stockton Learning Centre

Martina Vinjarova, Slovakia - Sukromne Gymnazium

Signe Sloth, Denmark - Sřndervangskolen/ Sřndervangsvej 3, 8450 Hammel

Ewa Kurzak, Poland - Przedszkole Publiczne nr 5, Glogów

Halina Bednarz , Joanna Mika – Hadelka, Aleksandra Baran, Dariusz Zerdzinski, Poland - school Zespol Szkoł Ekonomiczno-Informatycznych w Swietochlowicach



Young Diplomats - students



Shadia, Pasha, Gary, Wisnu, Tami, Aya, Arya, Gabby, Diandra...

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[Keio Girls' High School]
Our school is located in Tokyo in Japan. There are 12 classes and about 600 students. Most of the students go to school by train.
There are 3 big events in our school, Drama Festival, Sports Day and School Festival. We work on them with all our power.
The best popular place among the students is a cafeteria. We eat lunch or snack there.
There are a lot of club activities in our school. We join in club activities after school about 3 days in a week. In summer vacation, many club have camps for practice.
Tokyo is a capital of Japan and many famous places are located in Tokyo, for example, Shibuya, Harajuku and the Tokyo Tower. The Tokyo Tower is red colour and 333meters high, the symbol of Tokyo. It is near to our school, so we can see it from the school's windows.
There are lot of people and many high buildings in Tokyo. We have to take full trains to go to school every day.
But Tokyo is the central area in Japan, so Tokyo always catches the wave of trends.
Tokyo is a busy city.

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The OCNHS ICT Curriculum Fourth Year students participants in the Young Diplomats Project with the help of their ICT Teacher Mr. Johnny Boy M. Recella (red polo).

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