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Honorable patronage over Young Diplomats competition

Joanna Mika-Hadelka 2008-03-05

We are pleased to inform that our Euro-Deputy professor Genowefa Grabowska accepted our proposal of the Honorable Patronage of Japan Festival and the Young Diplomats competition.

Thank you for the invitation. I am ready to take the honorable patronage over the Japan Festival and the competition announced on ‘Young Diplomats’ for both students and teachers from secondary schools in Europe and Asia.

I am happy that young people throughout their project – YOUNG DIPLOMATS – promote the idea of the Intercultural Dialogue, not only European but also Asian-European one.

Thanks to such initiatives, young people are aware that perception of science and knowledge on the world, especially learning about other cultures, is necessary for building their better future.

It is good that young people are ready to make new friends and maintain relationship with their colleagues from different countries, and want to know as much as possible about them to make their best in their future life and career.

Thank you once again for the invitation.

Best wishes
Prof. Genowefa GRABOWSKA
Deputy of the European Parliament


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