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The people of Africa - Marocco   Bednarz   2009-07-30
Japanese Events - four seasons     2009-03-15
The people of Africa - ERYTREA /by Piotr Dudkin   Dudkin   2008-10-12
The people of Africa - KENIA /by Piotr Dudkin   Dudkin   2008-09-19
EGYPT: Travelling Egypt   Bednarz   2008-08-23
The people of Tunisia - Sahel   Bednarz   2008-07-26
Turkey: Whirling Dervishes from Cappadocia   Mika-Hadelka   2008-07-15
"Brave Festival" - 'against cultural exile'   Bednarz   2008-07-07
INDIA: Unique concert with old instruments   Sawicki   2008-06-26
Indian 'Kathak Dance'   Sawicki   2008-06-25
POLAND: Parade in Swietochlowice   Mika-Hadelka   2008-06-24
Caleidoscope of culture in streets of Wroclaw   Bednarz   2008-06-22
POLAND: World Culture Festival /Wroclaw   Bednarz   2008-06-21
Philippines: Olongapo City National High School - snapshot of the school life   Aggabao   2008-06-10
Asia in Europe: MUSEUMS [in Stockholm]   Bednarz   2008-05-24
ISRAEL: 60 years of independence, personal point of view   Hotzen, Israel   2008-05-08
60th birthday of Israel   Bednarz   2008-05-07
JAPAN: Tokyo - put in stark contrast   Hideyuki Baba   2008-05-04
BRUNEI: His Majesty's surprise visit at school     2008-05-02
BRUNEI: The portrait of our school - PTEB 2008   See   2008-05-02
JAPAN: 50th anniversary of the EU in Keio Girls High School - 慶應義塾女子高等学校   Hideyuki Baba   2008-04-30
Focus of the month: Poland proudly presents TIBET   Bednarz   2008-04-27
Culture meeting: India festivals in Wroclaw   Bednarz   2008-04-26
Traditional Moroccan dishes: Couscous is our traditional dish, we eat it every Friday..   Belgra   2008-04-23
POLAND: India in Focus – My ‘Shangri-La’   Mika-Hadelka   2008-04-19
JAPAN: How to enhance co-learning   Baba   2008-04-11
POLAND: A visit to the Polish Parliament   Mika-Hadelka   2008-04-08
POLAND: The FIS World Ski Jumping Cup in Zakopane   Mika-Hadelka   2008-02-05
MERRY CHRISTMAS   Bednarz   2007-12-17
Fareed Ayaz Qawwal & Bros; 9 December 2007 in Warsaw/Poland   Sawicki   2007-12-13
CYPRUS: A Tourist’s Paradise   Mesaritou   2007-12-03
POLAND: Performance   Bednarz   2007-11-24
BRUNEI: Profile of the royal couple   Bednarz   2007-07-03
Poland: Chinese Terracotta Army in the Silesia City Center, Katowice   Mika-Hadelka   2007-06-21
Asia in Europe: Vesak in Poland..   Bednarz   2007-06-18
Poland: Weekend in Wroclaw.. /daily life/   Bednarz   2007-05-25
Poland: Folk..   Bednarz   2007-05-21
Asia in Europe: in Wroclaw/Poland :)   Swierzewicz   2007-05-16
SLOVENIA /Welcome to the QUIZ about Slovenia   Zalokar   2007-05-11
INDONESIA - Travel in Indonesia     2007-04-21
Exibition of Japanese Art in Wroclaw/Poland   Bednarz   2007-04-11
Spring in Japanese Garden in Wroclaw/Poland :)   Bednarz   2007-04-11
Poland: Blooming trees herald spring's arrival   Mika-Hadelka   2007-04-11
Spring in Japan     2007-04-11
Easter 2007 over the WORLD..   Bednarz   2007-04-10
JAPAN: Chindonya - Japanese street musicians   Mika-Hadelka   2007-03-02
Snow in Europe..   Bednarz   2007-01-27
Travel to Asia   Bednarz   2006-12-21
..European Union - about   Bednarz   2006-12-09
GEOGRAPHY: Satellite images /NASA   Bednarz   2006-12-05

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