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THE CITY JUNGLE - Project overview, participants

Halina Bednarz 2009-10-03


1. Living places / places for living
Students will investigate to find examples of co-existence of the nature and people in city environments. The most interesting examples the better. The subject is also to present how people try to support city animals and plants to adapt, and sometimes to survive in the best conditions for them. Moreover, students will explore city fauna and flora to nominate for 10 *City Super Stars*.. 

2. The symphony of nature
We will prepare the mix of sounds composed of pieces sent by participants to have in final a kind of ‘symphony of nature' for Asia and Europe.

3. Be an expert
Students will prepare questions about flora and fauna of their country for a quizzes. Questions should include information about  national/local symbols, which include elements of nature and with explaination why such element is placed in the emblem actually.




Project include:

• Presentation of the animals and plants living freely in the city and around & nominations to "International City Super Stars". Producing a paper calendar with photos of presented species.

• Presentation of several examples which will express the harmonic coexistence between ‘nature and city' - photos, descriptions, movies - and how animals and plants adapted as well as how people support them (preparing a food for city birds, electronic water systems for gardens, etc.).

Recorded pieces of sounds of nature in the garden, or city park, but also in the jungle (if possible) like animal voices, water, but also storms etc. from over Asia and Europe to produce a final product - mixed of all parts 'Asia-Europe symphony of nature'.. From pieces we will produce a collection of 'ring tones' 

Quizzes about flora and fauna including presentation of national/local symbols, which includes elements of nature (animal, plant) with explanation why such element is placed in the emblem.

To do list

Stork in the city.. /Poland
Image:Waldemar Kaczorowski
Stork in the city.. /Poland

I. Living places / Places for Iiving (30th of May)
[to do: gallery, article]

individual, group

A/ - Show your full of colourful nature way from home to school – your daily ‘living places’(photos, movies). Try to look what could be interesting for your friend from other continent. Does it change along with the coming months?
- Investigate to find examples of co-existence of the nature and people in your city. Try to make us sure, your city is a perfect place for nature, the ‘place for living’
Find out how people try to support city animals and plants to adapt, and sometimes to survive in the best conditions for them. Any sugestions how to make perfect harmony between the nature and wild for them city environments??


B/ International ***CITY SUPER STARS*** nomination
On the way on discussion/voting select – explore and nominate - both animal and plant for respective names [up to two for each category (below)] and then make an artistic photo/photos of the following (your) city superstars (photo which will express the character and compulsory with a piece of element of your city, like building to make us sure this is exactly a c i t y star..)

1) a QUEEN/KING of the city (= the most splendid species)
2) a MISS of the city (= the most lovely species)
3) a CITY OWNER /lady/ (= the most common/popular species in your city)
4) the ONLY ONE (= the most unique/original species)
5) a MYSTIC LADY (= the most mystery species)
6) Mr AVANTGARDE ( = the most modern/avant-garde species)
7) Mr SYMBOLIC (=symbolic ones, mentioned in literature or connected with some event)
8) …………… (to be completed up to 10)

Individual After collection of all city stars from participants - until 30th of May, it will be running online voting to choose the winners in each cathegory - the ***International City Super Stars!!*** nominations.

The paper calendar is the 'job' for coordinator...

II. The symphony of nature (30th of May)
[to do: records]
Record a pieces of nature sounds for mix and prepare some ring tones for mobile phones..

III. Be an EXPERT (15 of May)


Prepare (minimum) 10 multimedia1 questions about flora and fauna of your country for a quizzes - until 1st of March. Include questions of elements of flora and fauna placed into national/regional emblems.
All collected questions will be mixed into 3 different quizzes served for participants for solving (April)
Each student will be awarded with certificate of an Expert if only pass successfully ‘exam’ J (=solve quiz under specified conditions)

1 try to prepare own photos or records to illustrate your questions.
For this purpose maybe it would be fine to take some trip outside your city.

2 EXAMPLE OF test questions

1. What is the name of the biggest in the world flower living in Malaysia? A)….. b)….. c) raflesia
2. What kind of bird is placed into Polish national emblem? A)…. B)…. C) the eagle
3. On the photo is ZUBR. The only one country in Europe have them still living in freedom is.. A)….. B)….. C) Poland
4. and so on, so on…

How to join

Send the application with school data via online form

or via email hali@and.pl

Welcome to! 


INDIA - St. Mark's Sr. Sec. Public School, New Delhi

teacher: Geeta Rajan, Rashi Goel

INDONESIA - SMA Dwiwarna Boarding School

teacher: Sopyan Maolana Kosasih, S.Pd.

POLAND - Zespol Szkol Zawodowych nr 5 in Wroclaw

teacher: Halina Bednarz, Waldemar Kaczorowski

INDONESIA - SMA Negeri 1 Subang, West Java

teacher: Rika Rachmita Sujatma

GREECE - 5th High school of Serres

teacher: Aggeliki Arvanta, Kofidou Filitsa

ITALY - ITIS Stanislao Cannizzaro

class 3
class 3

teacher: Daniela Ianni

FINLAND - Kaarina Senior High School, Messukyla Upper Secondary School

teachers: Maija Ojutkangas, Jonina Altschuler

MALAYSIA - Sekolah Sultan Alam Shah

teacher: Chin Siew Siew

ROMANIA - Grup Scolar "Alexandru Borza"

teacher: Liscan Alexandrina

POLAND - Liceum no 4

teacher: Stanislaw Bajor


teacher: Canoe Park

school: http://www.yumkwang.ms.kr/ 

PHILIPPINES - Davao City National High School NAB Grounds, Davao City

PHOTO CAPTION: Gelie (left), Eldrin, Geraldine, Monique -- Team Leader, Carla (Right)
PHOTO CAPTION: Gelie (left), Eldrin, Geraldine, Monique -- Team Leader, Carla (Right)

teacher: Evangeline Manguilimotan

INDONESIA – Al-Azhar Islamic Junior High School 8 Jakarta

teacher: Wati Wardani, Irma Marwiyah

POLAND - Ap Edukacja

teacher: Halina Bednarz, Stanislaw Bajor


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