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ITALY: The church of Santa Sofia, Benevento

Maria Antonietta Sessa 2009-08-06

Santa Sofia, a Longobard church in the centre of Benevento
Image:Maria Antonietta Sessa
Santa Sofia, a Longobard church in the centre of Benevento

The church of Santa Sofia is a circular Lombard edifice dating to c. 760, now modernized, of small proportions: it can be enclosed within a circle of 23.5 m of diameter. It is one of the most important examples of European architecture of the High Middle Ages...

The church has a fine cloister of the 12th century, constructed in part of fragments of earlier buildings.
The church interior was once totally frescoed by Byzantine artists: fragments of some paintings, portraying the Histories of Christ, can be still seen in the two side apses.
The cloister give access to the Samnium Museum, with notable sections of remains from Ancient age and Middle Ages. These include an obelisk, one of the two that once decorated the Temple of Isis. The other one can be still seen in the city, in the central Piazza Papiniano...

Benevento - a city for historians and ars love

Benevento - ancient remains

Arch of Trajan
Image:Maria Antonietta Sessa

Arch of Trajan

Roman Theatre
Image:Maria Antonietta Sessa
Roman Theatre


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