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Dancing World - project overview, participants

Halina Bednarz 2009-10-03

Zakopane, Poland
Zakopane, Poland

The dance is the part of culture and can tell us pretty much about other countries. The dance is also a kind of theatre which can tell stories and has a symbolic meaning.

Project include:
- recorded movie of a folk dance / dances in own country
- presentation of some contemporary dance
a short piece of dance have to be performed (and record) by the students:
from Asia - Polish 'Polonez'
from Europe - Malaysian 'bamboo dance'..
All instructions/lessons will be given by the participants.

Moreover students will fill questionaire on subject "What does it mean to be a teenager".

Halina Bednarz (Poland)
Sopyan Maolana Kosasih (Indonesia)



To be continued..


INDIA - St. Mark's Sr. Sec. Public School, New Delhi

teacher: Geeta Rajan, Rashi Goel

INDONESIA - SMA Dwiwarna Boarding School

teacher: Sopyan Maolana Kosasih, S.Pd.

POLAND - Zespol Szkol Zawodowych nr 5, Wroclaw

teacher: Halina Bednarz, Waldemar Kaczorowski

JAPAN - Keio Girls' High School

Mr Hideyuki Baba

BULGARIA: The Private English Language Secondary School "Chelopech"

teacher: Dimitrinka Arnaudova

The Private English Language Secondary School "Chelopech" in Bulgaria is a modern and well functioning institutionowned by a Canadian mining company. It is located in the village of Chelopech /70 kmfrom Sofia- the capital of Bulgaria/, where the main business of the company is situated.
12 energetic, motivated, creative, open-minded students from Chelopech are looking for new friends around Europe and Asia. They are ready for challenges and interesting projects, to develop their personal skills and expand their knowledge. Exploring the unknown and learning about new cultures is just a small part oftheir field of interest.
Joining the project, we believe, we'll find new opportunities to exchange ideas, learn through direct communication with students across Europe and Asia.We'll be able to introduce our cultural heritage and establish long-lasting friendships!!!

ESTONIA - Lasnamae Gymnasuim

teacher: Svetlana Dychenko

teacher: Zinaida Makarova

ROMANIA: Energetic Technical College

teacher: Anca Petriuc

MALAYSIA - Sekolah Sultan Alam Shah

teacher: Chin Siew Siew

MALAYSIA - Muzaffar Science Secondary School

teacher: Julie Boey

GREECE - 5th Gymnasio of Serres

teacher: Aggeliki Arvanta, Kofidou Filitsa

INDONESIA - SMA Negeri 1 Subang, West Java

teacher: Rika Rachmita Sujatma

POLAND - Liceum no 14

teacher: Stanislaw Bajor

ITALY - ITIS Stanislao Cannizzaro

Class 3
Class 3

teacher: Daniela Ianni

ITALY - I.I.S.S. Galileo Galilei

teacher: Maria Antonietta Sessa

Young Diplomats from IS Galilei in Benevento, Italy.
The boys are from class I C and together with class IV they take part in the project !

ROMANIA - Simion Barnutiu" School, Cluj-Napoca

teacher: Diana Frateanu

SWEDEN - John Bauer Upper Secondary, in Ystad

teacher: Niclas Tornbladh

class: "Bytingen"

POLAND - Ap Edukacja

teacher: Halina Bednarz


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