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III/UNESCO Heritage list - YD multimedia

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Headline   Author   Published

POLAND: Church in Dębno   Bednarz   2009-08-30
FRANCE: the famous monument in the world.. The Eiffel Tower & Paris with Louvre Museum   Bednarz   2009-08-06
HUNGARY: Danube banks & Buda castle in Budapest   Dimisianos   2009-08-06
PORTUGAL: Mosteiro Santa Maria da Vitória, more commonly known as the Batalha Monastery   Fernandes   2009-08-06
INDONESIA: FORT DE KOCK   Rosaria   2009-08-06
INDIA - Red Fort   Rajan   2009-08-05
UK / LONDON: The Palace of Westminster and St. Margaret's Church, Westminster Abbey, The Tower of London..   Bednarz   2009-08-05
Africa: heritage sites tour of Marocco - the medina of Marrakesh   Bednarz   2009-07-30
Heritage tour of Africa -  Essaouira (formerly Mogador), Marocco   Bednarz   2009-07-30
Masterpiece of World Heritage - Djemaa el-Fna, Marrakech/Marocco   Bednarz   2009-07-29
ITALY: represents 5% of the World Heritage list..   Bednarz   2009-02-15
POLAND: Historic Centre of Warsaw /UNESCO     2008-11-20
GREECE: Corfu, Meteora, Mistras...   Dimisianos   2008-11-16
POLAND: Cracow - the treasury of world heritage   Bednarz   2008-09-07
POLAND: Salt Mine Wieliczka - UNESCO Heritage   Bednarz   2008-09-07
ISRAEL: Jerusalem and the old walled city - a World Heritage site   Bednarz   2008-08-22
AFRICA: A World Heritage sites tour of Tunisia   Bednarz   2008-07-27

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