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Culture meeting: The Japanese living in Poland..

Halina Bednarz 2008-04-25


We have visited the Japanese living in Wroclaw. Houses in Japan look quite different...

Bamboo sumi
Image:Ania Solarska
Bamboo sumi

- there are many decorations inside - they are called 'BAMBOO SUMI'

Bamboo Sumi-e Tapestry - original, handmade bamboo tapestry is made from traditional moso-chiku bamboo - the largest in Japan - chosen for its tough yet flexible and elegant characteristics. The bamboo is smoked for one day, which is how it attains its distinctive brown colour.
The message that is written on the white gold-bordered shikishi card is placed in the center of the tapestry.

Image:Ania Solarska

'I like Poland very much' - my neighbour told us - 'I heard a lot about Poland and I have been living here for two years now, just to know, what is happening here'.

'Poland is beautiful, but very loud' - says 14 years Lin Yu who came here from Tokyo 7 years ago - 'The most I like is my school, but also Rynek- the square in Wroclaw and my house, which is quite different from Tokyo'.
'Poland means for me the Japanese Garden in Wroclaw..' he added.

'We have many Japanese specialities here' -  the chief of Japanese Restaurant in Wroclaw told us - 'It takes much time to prepare them, but they are quite unique in taste. Actually the most popular here is "soba" (kind of pasta) and we serve the green tea very often'

Ania Solarska, Katarzyna Buczkowska
ZSZ5/Wroclaw, Poland

An example of the menu from a Japanese restaurant:



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