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Astronomy and World Heritage

Halina Bednarz 2008-10-09

Image:Halina Bednarz /Tunisia

Young Scientists "In the Cosmos"

This project is design according to the 'International Year of Astronomy 2009' http://www.astronomy2009.org , a science project for young scientists in Europe and Asia. The objective of the Astronomy and World Heritage thematic initiative is to establish a link between science and culture on the basis of research aimed at acknowledging the cultural and scientific values of properties connected with astronomy. The identification, safeguarding and promotion of these properties are the three lines of actions for the implementation of this programme. Its goals are (a) to offer a methodological framework for associated actions; (b) to open the pathway for co-operation between States Parties and academic communities and (c) to share knowledge.


"Properties relating to astronomy stand as a tribute to the complexity and diversity of ways in which people rationalised the cosmos and framed their actions in accordance with that understanding. This includes, but is by no means restricted to, the development of modern scientific astronomy. This close and perpetual interaction between astronomical knowledge and its role within human culture is a vital element of the outstanding universal value of these properties. These material testimonies of astronomy, found in all geographical regions, span all periods from prehistory to today."



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