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MALAYSIA: Young Ambassadors: International Week

Jasmin Kaur 2008-04-08

On the last week of February, our school, Garden International School organized “International Week”, 7 days of internationally based activities in and outside of classes and musical performances. Among the activities was the International Bazaar where parents and students would open up stalls in our multi-purpose halls, each stall representing a certain country and nationality.

We thought we could use this opportunity to promote Slovenia to our Garden School community.
Our stall consisted of several display boards to post up information on Slovenia’s culture, its superstitions and its local food and their recipes. This stall was designed to help us achieve our aims of promoting a foreign country, in our case, Slovenia, at our school.

Our main focus for the stall was to promote Slovenian food. We tried cooking several dishes such as “ubernik”.
The recipes were found on the Internet and were fairly easy to follow.

On the whole, our project was successful. Our eight large loaves of Koroška Šarkel was sold out. We managed to raise a sizeable amount of money, and the proceeds will be going to a charity in Kuala Lumpur.
This experience has taught us much about Slovenia. The culture, the life, the people, the superstitions and the wonderful delicacies. We have gained a lot of knowledge on how people from different countries are and how they live.

Our Young Ambassadors group, consisting of Melody Fan, Gillian Teo, Tai Fung Ying Tan, Yea Rin and Bianca Hoh worked together on this project supervised by Ms Jasmin Kaur. We agreed on a duty roster, so as not to miss all of our lessons.




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