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Halina Bednarz 2006-12-01



1. Tahun Baru: Tahun Baru is celebrated by Indonesian people as the International New Year on January 1st.
People celebrate Tahun Baru by having a party with family or friends.

2. Idul Adha: This is a Moslem holiday celebrated by all Moslem in a Moslem country.
The day is celebrated to show the gratefulness to Allah (God). All Moslem people go the mosque and pray together in the morning. When the prayer is over, they slaughter some animals such as cows, goats or sheep and distribute their meat to the needy people. Idul Adha is celebrated on 10 Dzulhijjah (according to the Moslem calendar system).

3. Tahun Baru Imlek: This is the Chinese New Year celebrated only by the Indonesian Chinese.
People who celebrate this festivity go the Chinese temple for a prayer. They celebrate Tahun Baru Imlek by visiting each other and giving some money to the younger ones. Normally, the Dragon Dance is performed during the celebration.

4. Tahun Baru Hijriah: Tahun Baru Hijriah is a Moslem New Year. The day is celebrated only by Moslem people in the world.
In Indonesia, the Moslem New Year is celebrated by going to the mosque to listen a preaching and by visiting an orphanage to meet the orphans and to give them some presents. This day is also called the new year of the orphans celebrated on 1 Muharram (according to the Moslem calendar).

5. Nyepi: Nyepi means being very quiet. It is a Hindu New Year commemorated only by the Hindu People in Indonesia.
The celebration of Nyepi is centralized in Bali (the only Hindu province in Indonesia). During the Nyepi Day, people are expected to do a meditation at home. To respect the day, people are encouraged to keep quiet and to reduce their activities outside their house. All flights to and from Bali are closed on this day to create the very quiet day for the Hindu people in Bali.

6. Maulid Nabi Muhammad: This is to commemorate the birthday of the prophet Muhammad.
The day is only celebrated by the Indonesian Moslems.

7. Wafat Isa Almasih: This is a Christian holiday to commemorate the Good Friday.
This day is also commemorated by all Christian people in the world.

8. Hari Raya Waisak: This festivity is only celebrated by all Indonesian Buddhist people to welcome the Buddhism New Year. In Indonesia, the celebration is centralized at the biggest Buddhist temple of Borobudur in Central Java. Just like any other New Year celebration, the Buddhist people celebrate this day by praying together at the temple, visiting families and friends, and giving presents to each other.

9. Kenaikan Isa Almasih: This is the ascension day of Jesus Christ.
In Indonesia, the day is only commemorated by the Indonesian Christian people by going to their church and praying together.

10. Proklamasi Kemerdekaan Republik Indonesia: This day is celebrated by all Indonesian citizens as our Independence Day on August 17.
Every Indonesian participates in the celebration by attending a flag ceremony at their neighborhood, office or school. After the flag ceremony, they join some competitions such as singing contest, tug-a-war, three legged run, climbing the palm tree, etc. The day is full of fun.

11. Isra’ Mi’raj Nabi Muhammad: The day is only commemorated by Moslem people in Indonesia as the ascension day of the Prophet Muhammad.
People celebrate this day by going to the mosque to listen to a religious preach.

12. Idul Fitri: This is the biggest day for all Moslems in Indonesia. This celebration is held on 1 Syawal (according to the Moslem calendar).
The day is celebrated at the end of Ramadhan as the victory day of the Moslems during the fasting month.
People celebrate Idul Fitri by going to the mosque for a prayer. After the prayer, people go from house to house in their neighborhood to ask for their forgiveness. Some very special food is prepared for this big day. This is also the day where people are coming home to their hometown to see their relatives and old friends. The celebration lasts more than a day.

13. Hari Raya Natal: It is a Christmas Day celebrated on 25 December by all Christian people in Indonesia.
During the day, people are going to the church to pray and they are visiting each other after the prayer. Money and gifts are given to the children during the celebration. Since we are in a tropical country, we don’t have a white Christmas in Indonesia.




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