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Found 21 articles.

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Japanese teachers at the Polish Embassy in Tokyo     2008-11-15
GREECE: celebration of Indonesian Galungan and Kuningan in our school   Bouchayer   2008-05-23
Pakistan: Joshi - spring celebrations of Kalasha tribe in north-west Pakistan [Greece]   Bednarz   2008-05-13
A Visit to the Irish Embassy in Brussels - Getting to know the Emerald Isle better.   Mika-Hadelka   2008-05-01
Culture meeting: The Japanese living in Poland..   Bednarz   2008-04-25
GREECE: Meeting the Indonesian culture... visit to Indonesian Embassy   Bouchager   2008-04-14
POLAND: A warm welcome in the Japanese Embassy in Warsaw.   Mika-Hadelka   2008-04-09
MALAYSIA: Young Ambassadors: International Week   Kaur   2008-04-08
POLAND: Tokyo Sushi – workshops in a Japanese restaurant   Mika-Hadelka   2008-04-01
SLOVENIA: How well do you know Malaysia?   Zalokar   2008-03-14
POLAND: Japan Festival - 28 March/Wroclaw   Bednarz   2008-03-04
MALAYSIA - Focus on Slovenia   Mika-Hadelka   2008-02-24
POLAND: Polish-Japanese culinary experience   Mika-Hadelka   2008-02-19
POLAND: Japanese culture everywhere in Europe   Bednarz   2008-02-16
World Parliaments   Bednarz   2008-01-24
POLAND: Japanese food   Bednarz   2008-01-07
POLAND: Like New Year in Japan!   Bednarz   2007-12-17
POLAND: Japanese workshop in Warsaw - 'The world of Japanese TEA'   Bednarz   2007-11-13
POLAND: With daisuki/aichiteru (love) to JAPAN   Bednarz   2007-11-13
POLAND: The European DIPLOMACY experience - Luxemburg, Brussels, Amsterdam in three days.   Mika-Hadelka   2007-11-06
INDONESIA: INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL by students of Madania School - 11 APRIL 2007   Kosasih   2007-04-14

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