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"Living History - a short story of civilisation" - project overview, participants

Halina Bednarz 2008-10-09

projec UNESCO Heritage Map
projec UNESCO Heritage Map

The aim of the project is to present the youth view of recognized ‘foundations of civilisation', and to lead an investigation for the complementary list for the UNESCO World Heritage document.

The expected outcome is the online presentation of the existing UNESCO heritage places - connected with the (old) culture, as well as proposal of a complementary heritage list made by young people.


Project coordinators:
Halina Bednarz (Poland)
Hideyuki Baba (Japan)

Multimedia reports of historic performances/ events

Image:Halina Bednarz

Moreover, the multimedia reports of historic performances/ events will create an important part of our ‘story of civilisation'.

"Living History - a short story of civilisation" - project overview
Involved schools/classes choose minimum one of the following subjects, prepare and publish

- multimedia report of the chosen civilisation heritage/heritages placed in the UNESCO list


- multimedia description of the proposed monument/places, recognized by students as the civilisation heritage for the list, with brief arguments.


- multimedia report of a historic performance (i.e. reconstruction of a historic event)

[Only self made multimedia reports (photos, movies, flashes) can be accepted and published.
UNESCO Heritage list http://whc.unesco.org/en/list ]

How to participate?

Register to the project by sending filled online form with school data, name of teacher (school coordinator) and photo

Or via email addressed to mki@m-szkola.net

Sending resources for publishing

Text with multimedia as like above
online form -> http://webnews.textalk.com/en/letter_add.php?np=9170
or email mki@m-szkola.net



JAPAN - Keio Girls' High School

Mr Hideyuki Baba

Our students are called TOFU members in our school.
TOFU stands for TransOceani Forum United.
This name was coined by my German friend, who like Japanese food and TOFU reminds her of the typical Japanese food 'tofu,' which is a sort of soybeans curd.
Our students are now ready to do any academic challenge ahead.


Tofu group

INDONESIA - SMA Dwiwarna Boarding School

teacher: Sopyan Maolana Kosasih, S.Pd.

GREECE - 5th Gymnasio of Corfu

POLAND - 33 Liceum of M. Kopernik, Warsaw

teacher: Marek Grzegorz Sawicki

POLAND: Zespol Szkol no 2, Garwolin 

teacher: Dariusz Winiarek

POLAND - Zespol Szkol nr 5, Wroclaw

MALAYSIA - Seri Puteri School, Cyberjaya

teacher: Adzuhaidah M.Taha

INDIA - St. Mark's Sr. Sec. Public School, New Delhi

THe students participating in this project are going to create living history...
THe students participating in this project are going to create living history...

teacher: Geeta Rajan


St. Mark's School, New Delhi boasts of students who believe in creating history whether it is by being the first in getting a recycling unit installed in the school or by being the first in writing to President Obama to tackle the menace of Terrorism. Here too the students are all set to create history be being part of this project.
For all those who say History is boring, here they come with their research and information.



<br />Geeta Rajan

Geeta Rajan

PORTUGAL - Escola Secundária com 3? CEB da Batalha

ITALY - I.I.S.S. Galileo Galilei

teacher: Maria Antonietta Sessa

Young Diplomats from IS Galilei in Benevento, Italy.
The boys are from class I C and together with class IV they take part in the project and have developed the pps presentation about Santa Sofia's (a Longobard church
in Benevento) - soon more!



class IV C


INDONESIA - SMA Negeri 1 Padang

ALL articles - a short story of civilisation


Nature & Culture






Video channel




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There are no future events in the calendar.

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