2011: Living Paintings
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*Young Scientists 'In the Cosmos'* /project overview, participants

Living Paintings - project members

Open for registering :) welcome to!

Email: hali@and.pl 

Halina Bednarz (Poland)
Maria Antonietta Sessa (Italy)


The aim of the project is to bring art to Life through 'Living Paintings'.

duration: January -May

To do...
Prepare the replication of a chosen minimum one painting - one of own national painter and optional one of the other across continents Asia-Europe - with the...

Sonia Cecere, an Italian student of I.I.S. Galilei Vetrone school in Benevento (Italy) is starring as world-famous Mona Lisa painted by the Italian Renaissance artist and genius Leonardo da Vinci. <br />
Sonia Cecere, an Italian student of I.I.S. Galilei Vetrone school in Benevento (Italy) is starring as world-famous Mona Lisa painted by the Italian Renaissance artist and genius Leonardo da Vinci.

Project 2011: Living Paintings

The aim of the project is to bring art to Life through 'Living Paintings'.

duration: January - May

To do...
Prepare the replication of a chosen minimum one painting - one of own national painter and optional one of the other across continents Asia-Europe - with the actors frozen in place.
Take a photo
and if possible a movie as well - example:

The movie can be about the preparation or telling the 'paint story' in a shape of...

My sister played this angklung, when she went to Bandung city. This instrument played with a bamboo tube, which had been arranged so that, the bamboo out some beat and this instruments are usually played together

INDONESIA: The medley of Indonesian song by Angkung Ochestra


INDONESIA: City Super Stars of Subang - West Java


INDIA: New Delhi city Super Stars - nominations

our city duck

POLAND: Super Stars of Wroclaw city - nominations

QEEN/KING - stork, MISS - sambucus, swan, duck; CITY OWNER: pigeon, geranium; THE ONLY ONE: nature monument oak which is called leader (conductor); MYSTIC LADY: squirrel, huba (mushroom); Ms AVANGARDE: magnolia, canna; Mr SYMBOLIC: chestnut;

http://eu.cyberdusk.pl/mygallery/profile.php?uid=5 ;


ITALY - FOLK DANCE in Benevento

Young people from Casalduni, Benevento (Italy) dancing folk dances during Rimini popular dance festival in August


SWEDEN: Folk Dance


John Bauer Upper Secondary, in Ystad
teacher: Niclas Tornbladh
class: "Bytingen"


SWEDEN: Modern Dance

John Bauer Upper Secondary, in Ystad
teacher: Niclas Tornbladh
class: "Bytingen"


ESTONIA: Modern Dance - Mererngi

Pictures - lesson of dances in our school, students of 10th forms, teacher of choreography - Svetlana Orgmets-Brusnigina.


ESTONIA: Modern Dance

Pictures - lesson of dances in our school, students of 10th forms, teacher of choreography - Svetlana Orgmets-Brusnigina.


ESTONIA: Historical dances

Dancing as a social entertainment is based on the European high society ballroom culture that started to take shape from the 12th century onwards.

Ritual dances gradually lost their meaning and dance was to provide enjoyment both to the performers and spectators. Social dance influenced and changed pleasant dance gradually, although the impact have been two-ways.
It is difficult to point out...



The video depicts the famous Ghoomer dance .
It is performed on various auspicious occasions like fairs & festivals. It is called as `Ghoomer`, from the `ghoomna` of Ghaghra i.e. the flowing of Ghaghra, a long skirt of the Rajasthani women.

There is an amazing grace as the skirt flair slowly while the women folk twirl in circles, their faces covered with the help of the veil. The performers...



In India, there are many dance forms, but one extremely popular form is the Bhangra.
Bhangra has found its way into every festival and celebration in was performed to celebrate the harvest season.
The Bhangra dance is an accompaniment to the Bhangra music, which is a form of folk music. It is sung in Punjabi lyrics with one person beating a hand held drum called Dhol .
The Bhangra dance itself is a...



The video depicts the famous Garba Dance which is a dance popular among people of Gujarat.Poets compose Garba songs, which are lyrical poems sung in praise of Lord Krishna. Singing together is an invariable accompaniment of Garba. The actual dance performance begins at night and all the participants gather at the open space or at street corners. An idol or photograph of the goddess is kept in the...


INDIA: Folk dance in the St. Mark's Public School, New Delhi

Various types of Folk Dances in India which were performed by girls of our school.


INDIA - my experience of dance

Hello I am Dimple. I am fond of dancing. So I have prepared a presentation regarding my experience of dance.


INDIA: Folk dance Festival

Folk dance festival in New Delhi - February 2010


ESTONIA: students of Lasnamae Gymnasium dance Polish Polonez

Polonez for Fredro, 22 January 2010

POLAND: 'Polonez for Fredro' - great school event in Wroclaw city

Polonez, traditional Polish dance is performed by every student about 100 days before the final school exams. Great event is celebrated every year from 10 years in the center of the Wroclaw city - all students are dancing Polonez for Fredro (famous writer).  

<div><div>Most dances are circle dances, start with the right foot and move counter-clockwise. Each dancer is linked by a handkerchief or by holding hands, wrists or shoulders. </div></div>

GREECE: Greek dance - introduction

Dance has played an important role in the life of Greeks all through their history.
"The dance, of all the arts, is the one that most influences the soul. Dancing is divine in its nature and is the gift of the gods." Plato


PHILIPPINES: City Stars - nominations



POLAND: Polish dance Polonez!

Polonez performed by students of IV Liceum in Wroclaw/Poland!

The Prom Bal in Poland called "studniówka" is an event for graduating students and their partners, which takes place hundred days before their Matura exam.

Before this big day, every graduating student has to learn polonez- a traditional polish dance, which is performed on every Prom. Students are dancing with partners they...

Zakopane, Poland

Dancing World - project overview, participants

The dance is the part of culture and can tell us pretty much about other countries. The dance is also a kind of theatre which can tell stories and has a symbolic meaning.

Project include:
- recorded movie of a folk dance / dances in own country
- presentation of some contemporary dance
a short piece of dance have to be performed (and record) by the students:
from Asia - Polish 'Polonez'
from Europe...


THE CITY JUNGLE - Project overview, participants

1. Living places / places for living
Students will investigate to find examples of co-existence of the nature and people in city environments. The most interesting examples the better. The subject is also to present how people try to support city animals and plants to adapt, and sometimes to survive in the best conditions for them. Moreover, students will explore city fauna and flora to...


International Festival of Highland Folklore /Poland

August 2009 - Zakopane

The 41st Zakopane Festival dates back to the second Rzeczypospolita.


Malaysian Dance



POLAND: Church in Dębno

The wooden church, one of Poland's oldest, dating back to the second half of the 15th century, has found itself among a group of historic monuments on the UNESCO World Heritage List.


The church features the wooden-frame construction characteristic of the architecture of Polish highlanders, with shingled...

The parish church in Charenda<br />

POLAND: Wooden wonders in Zakopane

Set of old historic wooden heritages, buildings connected with the culture are worth to be placed on UNESCO heritages list.

Track of Wooden Architecture

The list should open the oldest in Podhale region house, which belonged to famous person Sabala.


the extortion of taxes by the evil Lord's administrators..

ITALY: Sagra Pretoro - medieval performance in San Lorenzo

On 9th, 10th and 11th August people celebrate "San Lorenzo's nights festival" (in Italian: "sagra") in the village historical centre.

The village offers a precious setting for putting on stage scenes from Middle Ages's way of life: the blacksmiths' shop, the archers' school, the witches' hunting, the chess club, the extortion of taxes by the evil Lord's administrators, the procession of...

snake charmer

Masterpiece of World Heritage - Djemaa el-Fna, Marrakech/Marocco

Food stalls, snake charmers, storytellers, henna artists, monkeys, acrobats, medicine men, jugglers, musicians, pickpockets... the huge square of Djemaa el Fna has it all. Nights here are what cities must have been like back in mediaeval times, before television when people made their own entertainment.

Unesco have declare this square as patrimonio de la humnidad, for the oral...


Africa: heritage sites tour of Marocco - the medina of Marrakesh

Marrakesh was founded in 1070–72 by the Almoravids

To the present days remained several important heritages: the Koutoubiya Mosque, the Kasbah, the battlements, monumental doors, gardens..

Moreover later monuments include the Bandiâ Palace, the Ben Youssef Madrasa, the Saadian Tombs, several great residences and Place Jamaâ El Fna, a veritable open-air theatre.


Heritage tour of Africa -  Essaouira (formerly Mogador), Marocco

The people of Africa - Marocco

[Tibet] The Monks of Sherab Ling Monastery performing an ancient tradition 

Focus of the month: Poland proudly presents TIBET

Special Focus: IYA2009 - "Inside Cosmos" by Young Scientists

HUNGARY: Saint Stephan Secondary School, Budapest

Bangladesh: The IYA-2009 at Bandura Holy Cross High School


Planets: Jupiter and Venus

Wenus /Poland


The MOON - ECLIPSE /Poland

POLAND: Young Scientists from Liceum M. Copernicus, Zywiec and our school observatory!

"Living History - a short story of civilisation" - project overview, participants

ITALY: represents 5% of the World Heritage list..

FRANCE: the famous monument in the world.. The Eiffel Tower & Paris with Louvre Museum

ITALY: The church of Santa Sofia, Benevento

Nature & Culture






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