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Halina Bednarz 2007-09-23

Presentation: http://www.youngdiplomats.zsei.info/photo/displayimage.php?album=94&;pos=8 Introduction Students become the ambassadors of the other country. Participating schools will choose one other country across continents to become ambassadors for that country in their own local community. A member of our project “International Ambassadors” should represent the chosen country: Asia: Brunei, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Japan, Europe: Slovenia, France, Denmark, Poland, Italy, Cyprus

1. They will study traditions and prepare multimedia presentations (ppt / flash) of national celebrations for online publishing and/or quizzes about that country to create an online bank of educational resources.

2. Additionally, the schools should make contact with the embassy of the chosen country for an interview and prepare a presentation/exhibition to promote that country in their local community.
[example: http://webnews.textalk.com/en/article.php?id=253319  ]

3. Furthermore, they should prepare a celebration and/or take part in one national holiday or event in the chosen country and send a multimedia report for online publishing.

Cross-continent activities, like common international projects on a particular subject, would be warmly welcomed.
Example: schools from Poland and Japan are working on common a presentation about Japanese Gardens with photos and movies of Japanese Garden in Wroclaw/Poland…

TASKS - Schedule

Before 15 October 2007

- Choose one country across a continent, i.e. a school from Europe should decide which Asian country could be a partner for them and vice-versa.
It is possible to choose more than one country, but should be within our project member’s group.
- Decide which national holiday or event will be celebrated in the school/local community.
- Plan the date of exhibition.
- Plan which digital resources (ppt, quizzes) students would like to prepare.
- Eventually plan other activities to become the ambassador of the chosen country.

Before 31 January 2008

- Each participant should send a minimum of one educational digital resource, presentation or quiz to the online educational center of International Ambassadors.

Before 30 June 2008

Each participant should prepare the following for publishing:

- Interviews/articles about a meeting in the embassy.
- Multimedia reports of nationally celebrated holidays across continents
- Multimedia reports of presentation/exhibition in the local community.

Schools should use our original data published here:
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