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Holidays /JAPAN

Halina Bednarz 2007-01-02

First half of January
New year’s day - It is the most important holiday in Japan. We call this season “Shougatsu”Many Japanese go to temple to pray for happiness in the new year. People eat “Osechi” , a traditional New year’s food.



Second Monday of January
Coming-of-age day - All people who turn 20 years old cerebrate that holiday.

February 11
National foundation day - The day the first emperor is said to have ascended the throne.

March 20
Vernal Equinox day - The day to admire the nature and treasure living things.We eat “Ohagi” a traditional Japanese sweets.

April 29
Green day - The birthday of the previous emperor who passed away in 1989. 

May 3
Constitution Memorial day - The commemoration of the Japanese postwar constitution.

May 5
Children day - It was a festival for the boys. Carp streamers are flown a high pole and display the warrior doll to wish boys’ happiness and cerebrate the growth of a child.


The third Monday of July
Sea day - The day “Meiji”emperor who is the two times before emperor ended his sea trip.

September 19
Respect-for-the-age day - It is the day to thank aged people for their service to society over many years.

September 23
Autumnal Equinox day - The day to show our respects for our ancestors and to commemoratethe dead.

Second Monday of October
Sports day - It was the commemoration of the Tokyo Olympic Games in1964. We enjoy sports on that day.

November 3
Culture day - The day to progress of the Japanese culture. It was also the birthday of “Meiji” emperor who was the two times before emperor in Japan.

November 23
Labor Thanks-giving day - The day to honor labors , promotes respect for labor.

December 23
Emperor’s birthday - Before world war 2, Emperor became the ruler of Japan. But after world war 2, It is decided that the Emperor is not ruler but the symblol of Japan. This day cerebrates this.


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