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Top 100 eLearning Awards 2006
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Environment curriculum /Poland/

Ewa Kurzak 2006-10-29

Base of program of pre-school education gives a possibility to create various models of education. Aims of education are connected, they fulfill one another and effects of their realization is development and improvement of child. The task of nursery is to create and conduct whole educational process supporting comprehensive development of child in mental, physical and spiritual dimensional. In this conception one of aims is: => Shaping of ability and basic capacities of dynamic adaptation of child to sorrounding reality: closer and farther.

Topics which are closer to child:

- structure of family (members of family, degree of relation, genealogical tree)
- family ties (family love, respect in family, cohesion of family, family support)
- atmosphere in family (forms of behaviour, custom and tradition, spare time, duties)
- family home (place of living, ..., arrangement of interior)
- town of living ( geographic name, geographic location, facts from history, specific features, ...) /Read more.../

- fatherland ( name, location, national colours and symbols, capital, history and culture) /Read more.../
- Earth (planet of life, nature on Earth, technology on Earth)
- Universe (planets, constellations, man in Universe)
- Nature:
a) animate nature: human, animals, plants,
b) inanimate nature: atmospheric phenomena, stones and minerals,
- technology: materials, technical device, contests.

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